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Guest Post: Quest of Fire: Desperation

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Quest of Fire: Desperation Title: Quest of Fire: Desperation 
Series: Quest of Fire #4 
Author: Brett Armstrong 
Publisher: Expanse Books 
Release Date: September 13, 2022 
Genre: Christian, Epic Fantasy

Guarding his nation’s last hope, a teen must escape enemy lands.

While Anargen, Caeserus, and Bertinand are held captive in Stormridge, the war to restore Ecthelowall’s Commonwealth has been waged for months. Their friend Terrillian is on its frontline and hopes are high.

For Barons Fenwrest and Sornfold the fight is too close to their children, whose union represents the only viable challenge to the Monarchists claim to Ecthelowall’s ancient throne. Enter Thomas Fenwrest, an orphan and page to Sir Hurstwell, who is captain of Baron Fenwrest’s guard. The pair must escort the teens to Castle Yerst expecting boredom to be their only danger. Everything quickly spirals out of control when the Monarchists somehow deliver a devastating blow to the Restoration army and Thomas and Sir Hurstwell face the increasingly difficult task of keeping their charges alive. Ancient sorcery and bitter grudges combine to ensnare them. As desperation sets in for the Restoration and Thomas, to where will they turn for hope?

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As a writer I try not to shy away from things that seem hard. A story sometimes needs to be written a certain way to fully convey the emotion, themes, action, and overall message of the book. Quest of Fire definitely has some elements to it that are a bit risky to try as an author. I'm going to share about the riskiestand most rewarding thing about Quest of Fire.

A huge source for potential confusion in Quest of Fire is its dual timeline. One era, the Middle Era is roughly analogous to our early 17th century. The other, the Modern Era, matches up with our turn of the 20th Century.  There is a primary protagonist for each Era--Anargen and Jason respectively--and distinct events in each. You might be wondering, why not write them as twodifferent books then? Well, the short of it is it makes Quest of Fire unique.

The long of it is that it creates a meta story. A story about stories and how they shape us. Anargen's stories are actively changing Jason's story as he works to complete the same Quest Anargen was on centuries earlier.

Transformation of characters who have been impacted by the testimony of other's trust in and perseverance for the glory of the High King. That's the common thread throughout the whole series. In each book the protagonist faces the choice of whether to follow the High King of All Realms or not. The material benefits of doing so are often in opposition to pledging fealty to him and each protagonist has their own unique set of baggage that hinders and helps in differing measures with that choice. 

For Desperation’s protagonist, Thomas, there are things he has lost and things he never had which make it hard for him to trust anyone. Nevermind the pervasive disdain his culture has for the stories about the High King and his Knights of Light. But two Knights enter his life and change that perspective. At its core, Desperation is a somewhat ironic title. The book is about discovering hope as the stories we tell and the lived-outtestimony of believersespecially when things are hardshows how tremendous an impact can be made in someone's life. As the story progresses Thomas gets to play a similar role for other characters which furthers the cycle.

We don’t necessarily see immediate results or get to know who in future eras may learn of our oaths of loyalty to Christ and how we live them out. But whether we are the ones sowing, watering, or reaping the harvest; we’re all a part of the work of drawing others who need the healing we’ve found in Christ. We just need to remember God gives the increase and trust that every sincere act for His glory will be used as He intended, even if it’s only later that the tapestry our lives is woven into can be seen and understood.


Brett Armstrong

Brett Armstrong, author of the prize-winning novel, Destitutio Quod Remissio, started writing stories at age nine, penning a tale of revenge and ambition set in the last days of the Aztec Empire. Twenty years later, he still tells stories enriched by his Christian faith and a master’s degree in creative writing. His goal with every work is to be like a brush in the Master artist’s hand and his hope is the finished composition always reflects the design God had in mind. He writes to engage, immerse, and entertain with deep, thoughtful stories. Continually busy at work with one or more new novels to come, he also enjoys drawing, gardening, and playing with his beautiful wife and son. Brett’s book The Gathering Dark is a 2020 Selah Awards Finalist in the Speculative Fiction category.

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