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Review: The Ears Have It by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing



To see or not to see…

Emmeline Bartlett has a secret. By day, she is the polite, proper, sometimes teacher of writing and rhetoric at the prestigious Miss Masters Finishing School. But by night, she disguises herself as the mysterious Ears, exploring and investigating the darker sides of London, writing articles about her discoveries under a pseudonym and exposing scandals. When a handsome Spaniard crosses her path, Emmeline discovers new adventures in London by night, as well as new dangers.

Teodoro de Vickers y Mendoza isn’t sure what he is going to do with the title he inherited from his estranged English grandfather, but he’s come to England to find out. Meeting Ears on a nighttime walk isn’t part of the plan, nor is finding her intriguing, exciting, and beautiful. The further Teo gets into her world, the more he wonders about his own, and the less certain he is about everything.

Except for her.

My Review

Such a fun book! I love the way Ears and Teo meet... and meet again. Their spirits have a connection and they feel that connection passionately. They don't act on their attraction until well into the story, giving time for them to develop a foundation of trust and companionship. The idea of a secret underground network of male and female spies working such a wide variety of cases is intriguing and it's always entertaining to see how the adventure, danger, and romance weaves together. Teo's Spanish heritage adds a fresh dynamic and definitely ramps up the romantic persona of our hero. This series is connected to the author's previous series, the London League, so it was great to see some of the characters from there pop up, especially the Gent. Can't wait for the next book!

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Circumvent by S. K. Derban

Circumvent JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Circumvent by S. K. Derban, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!



Title: Circumvent 
Author: S. K. Derban 
Publisher: TouchPoint Press 
Release Date: November 9, 2017 
Genre: Clean Ready Mystery 

When perfection turns to panic an isolated couple must learn: 
 “For we walk by faith, not by sight…” 

Imagine living in a quaint, beach-front cottage on the Hawaiian island of Maui. You have an amazing job, combined with the pleasure of working from home. Lunch breaks become a daily picnic on the sand. Dessert is always included because of your marriage to a famous pastry chef. Life could not be any better. Or so it seems… 

French-born, Nikki Sabine Moueix travels to Hawaii for a special work assignment, but the job of writing an article about a famous Swiss pastry chef generates more than a magazine piece. They fall in love, get married, and Nikki Moueix becomes Mrs. Ruggiero DelĂ©mont. 

When another assignment calls for Nikki to spend three weeks in France, Ruggiero’s schedule prevents him from joining her. She travels alone, advancing straight into danger. After a threatening confrontation, Nikki wakes up in a French hospital with no knowledge of her past. After she fails to check in, Ruggiero panics and pushes for an immediate investigation. But as he closes in, Nikki’s new found friend moves her to another city. It becomes a game of hide and seek with Nikki as the prize. 

CIRCUMVENT allows readers to form a bond with Nikki as they yearn for her to remember. They will cheer for Ruggiero and his relentless determination to locate his beloved wife. This is a story about two people who never lose their faith in God, and find amazing friends to help them along the way.



Nikki never expected her route to be void of people, and yet, surprisingly her neck hairs bristled when she heard footsteps from behind. While keeping her pace constant, she glanced over her shoulder and spotted a man who looked vaguely family. I know him from somewhere. Still not certain, and feeling a strange vulnerability, she increased her stride. From the sound of his footsteps Nikki could tell the man had also sped, and was gaining on her. Fear galvanized her when she suddenly heard him break into a run.

Nikki gathered her inner strength, then stopped, and turned to confront the man. She focused on his features and finally remembered. "It's you! You're from Maui," she accused. "You drove the airport shuttle. What are you doing here in France, and why are you following me?"




S.K. Derban

S.K. Derban resides with her husband in Southern California. Although born in the United States she moved to London within the first three months, and remained in England until the age of five. Her father, an American citizen, was a decorated veteran of the Second World War. Her British mother was involved with the London Royal Ballet Company, and a great fan of the arts. After returning to the United States, Derban’s life remained filled with a love of the theatre, and a passion for British murder mysteries.

S.K. Derban’s personal travel and missionary escapades are readily apparent as they shine through into her characters. Readers are often transported virtually across the globe. She has traveled to Hong Kong on five separate occasions to smuggle Bibles into China, and has been to Israel on seven missionary trips. Derban’s other adventures include visits to Bangkok, Greece, Egypt, Italy, and the Caribbean. Beginning with her faith in the Lord, S.K. Derban relies on all aspects of her life when writing. She hopes her books will allow readers to go on holiday without having to pack!

CONNECT WITH S. K.: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



(4) winners will receive a signed copy of Circumvent and a $25 Amazon gift card!

Circumvent JustRead Giveaway

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Review: Under the Texas Mistletoe by Karen Witemeyer

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing



Spend Christmas in Texas this year with these charming holiday novellas from bestselling historical romance author Karen Witemeyer, whose writing is spiced with her signature blend of humor, thrilling frontier action, and sweet romance.

In this 3-in-1 novella collection, Witemeyer presents the new story "A Texas Christmas Carol," where a town's wealthy, Scrooge-like bachelor finds his world invaded by a woman set on earning his donation for helping the local poor, and the penetrating questions of three mysterious visitors. It also includes, for the first time in print, "An Archer Family Christmas." When the Archer clan gathers for the holiday, they encounter an unexpected request for help that will require all their effort and a Christmas miracle to see them through. In previously published "Gift of the Heart," a widow uses the family brooch as collateral for a loan from the local resort owner. But the more she comes to know the man behind the stern businessman, the more she hopes for a second chance at love this Christmas.

My Review

Another lovely collection from one of my favorite authors! The new novella is inspired by A Christmas Carol, and I chuckled at the fun way she incorporated details referencing Dickens. Felicity is adorably earnest in her determination to bring cheer and joy to Evan Beazer, the wealthy town grump. They have a bit of past history that gives them a foundation to build on with their unlikely friendship, and it demonstrated how idealistic Felicity can be. Evan is also a character full of determination, but his stems from his life goal of rising above the poverty of his youth. Along the way he lost trust in others and in God, which Felicity is the perfect person to help restore. I loved their interactions and chemistry! Various townspeople and family members give this story even more personality and heart, and it was a pleasure to read. I also enjoyed re-reading the two previously published stories, especially revisiting the Archer clan! A wonderful collection for the holiday season!

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

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Review: Dancing with Fireflies by Denise Hunter

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing



Jade returns home to Chapel Springs after years of protecting her fragile heart. Then along comes Daniel, making her long to dance again.

Creative and complicated, Jade McKinley felt like a weed in a rose garden growing up in Chapel Springs. When she left, she thought she'd never look back. But now, pregnant, alone, and broke, she has no other choice but to return.

The mayor of Chapel Springs, Daniel Dawson, has been an honorary member of the McKinley family for years. While his own home life was almost non-existent, Daniel fit right into the boisterous McKinley family. He's loved Jade for years, but she always saw him as a big brother. Now that she's back, his feelings are stronger than ever.

As Jade attempts to settle in, nothing feels right. God seems far away, she's hiding secrets from her family, and she's strangely attracted to the man who's always called her "squirt." Finding her way home may prove more difficult than she imagined.

My Review

I'm such a fan of unrequited love that become reciprocated! Daniel and Jade's relationship definitely goes on a journey over time and becomes stronger as he remains steadfast through all her life's trials. Jade has been through some pretty tough things, and I admired her determination to move forward. I didn't always agree with her methods but the author made it easy for the reader to at least understand and sympathize with her. Emotional and inspiring!

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

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Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Mountain of Flame by Diane E. Samson

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We're celebrating the release of the third book in the Gems of Fire series, Mountain of Flame! Today, the author shares an excerpt from the third book Mountain of Flame. If you missed her character interview with Anna, you can read that HERE. She also shared an excerpt from the second book Valley of Bones HERE. Plus, there's a giveaway to enter below. Enjoy!

Gems of Fire
(Gems of Fire #1)
By Diane E. Samson
Young Adult Fantasy
Paperback, ebook & audiobook, 276 Pages
November 6, 2018 by Clean Reads

Palace of Sunderland. Paradise to the peasants. Prison to sixteen-year-old Anna, daughter of the king. She can never escape the castle’s cold walls and scorning disapproval of her father and his brute royal counsel, Seamus. She’ll always live in the shadow of her late mother, the queen. Will they ever see her for who she really is?

A riding accident lands Anna in the hands of traders who sell her as a slave in distant Kasdod to none other than her father’s enemy, Lord Anwar. After overhearing a dangerous plot to conquer Sunderland and kill the royal family, Anna must escape and warn her father, even if it means facing her greatest enemy.

With the doom looming over her, Anna is approached by a dangerous man in the dark. He claims to want to help her, but can she trust him with her secrets? The perils of the journey ahead will push Anna to the limit and answer the one question that has always plagued her...

Will she ever be enough?

Praise for the Book

“What an exciting book to read. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The characters were very well developed, and it made me cheer for them all the way through. The cover is very dramatic and fits very well with the story. Great read.” - Goodreads Reviewer

“One Tough Princess…A princess who despite great suffering never gives up. I really loved Anna’s determination and heart. You’ll find adventure, high stakes and romance in the midst of such horrible circumstances. A solid plot with a story that stayed with me.” - Amazon Reviewer

“A breathtaking journey into royal courts, slavery, escape, war, and love. This book has it all…” - Amazon Reviewer

(Affiliate links included.)

Valley of Bones
(Gems of Fire #2)
By Diane E. Samson
Young Adult Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 370 Pages
February 13, 2021 by Diane E. Samson

Princess Anna is left to rule Sunderland as regent when her father, brother and her presumed fiancĂ© Jack ride to battle devouring creatures in Jack’s home kingdom of Oclen. She must establish herself as a strong leader with the Sunderland council and a neighboring king who brings along two handsome princes to negotiate an alliance.

Trouble erupts as outlining Sunderland villages are attacked by pillaging marauders and the council loses confidence in Anna’s leadership. As Anna waits in trepidation for word from her father’s army, all she hears is silence. Her scouts never return. When the reports of a coming horror reach Anna, she forges an unlikely alliance and forgoes her father’s long-standing policies against gems of power. She trains Sunderland’s remaining soldiers to fight with gems. She’ll lead them to battle to rescue her family and the one she loves.

But first she must survive the treachery brewing in her own court.

(Affiliate links included.)
Mountain of Flame
(Gems of Fire #3)
By Diane E. Samson
Young Adult Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 450 Pages
August 4, 2021 by Diane E. Samson

Reeling from Jack becoming king of Oclen, Princess Anna returns home as Sunderland’s Defender. Earning her title was a hard-fought honor, but Anna can’t escape the guilt of leaving Jack alone in that cursed, starving place.

When Jack comes to Sunderland seeking aid from Anna’s father, she must decide whether to return with him and help defeat the curse plaguing the cold northern land. If she remains Sunderland’s Defender, she knows her heart would never forgive her for abandoning Jack to rebuild a crushed kingdom.

Can Anna leave what she loves to become queen of a people suspicious of her and the gems? Joining Jack would mean battling an evil greater than anything she’s ever faced, for the curse’s roots grow deep. But if she doesn’t, Oclen will likely fall and Anna will lose Jack forever.

(Affiliate links included.)

Excerpt from Mountain of Flame

A group of soldiers on the slope ahead halted their horses, their hands flying to their swords. Anna used her last ounce of strength to stop Farley before he ran right into them, the reins tearing through her water-softened hands. He half-reared and skidded to a stop, puffing and blowing. Anna patted his foam-flecked neck. Her arms and back trembled with exhaustion, and her side screamed in pain.

Zac launched over the hill behind her. “Anna!” He pulled up next to her. “Are you all right?”

She gave him an apologetic glance. Her breath hitched in her chest.

Twelve men in Oclen uniforms shifted their horses into a tight triangle formation. Two horses stood at the point and five horses down each side. Zac’s hand twitched to his sword as he moved his horse closer to Anna. She was faintly aware that Bart and Gavriella rode up behind them.

“Greetings,” Anna called, as she let the reins slide through her fingers. Farley strode forward a few steps before she halted him again, cringing at the pain in her hands. He chomped on the bit and tossed his head. She searched for Jack’s chestnut horse to no avail. “What news do you bring from Oclen? Is your king well?” Her heart hammered against her ribs. None of the men looked familiar.

“At ease,” the one voice Anna wanted to hear most spoke from the rear. The soldiers’ formation split as Jack’s chestnut horse, Avery, moved up the center of the triangle and halted in front of her. Farley nickered. Jack looked so different—thin with deep, purple circles under his eyes and pale, sunken cheeks. “The king is alive, at least.”

Excerpted from Mountain of Flame by Diane E. Samson, Copyright © 2021 by Diane E. Samson. Published by Diane E. Samson.

About the Author

Diane E. Samson grew up on acreage just north of Kansas City, Missouri, with horses and dogs in the backyard. She later pursued her love of words and earned a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After graduation she worked as a reporter, managing editor, freelance writer and in public relations. After moving around the country, she's recently returned to the Kansas City area where she lives with her husband, children and golden retriever.

She's written fiction off and on her whole life and is the author of the YA fantasy Gems of Fire series including Gems of Fire, Valley of Bones and Mountain of Flame. The series centers on a girl traveling a journey of self-discovery in a world of powerful gems, supernatural forces, epic battles and of course, handsome heroes.

Tour Giveaway

Print copies of Gems of Fire and Valley of Bones by Diane E. Samson, a $25 Amazon gift card, three gem necklaces, and bookmarks (US only)

Ends September 19, 2021

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Help, I'm Drowning by Sally Clarkson

Help, I'm Drowning JustRead Blog Tour 

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Help, I'm Drowning by Sally Clarkson, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Help Im Drowning

Title: Help, I'm Drowning 
Author: Sally Clarkson
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Release Date: September 14, 2021
Genre: Christian Women's Spiritual Growth

Life is filled with unexpected storms that take you by surprise.

In these storms of life, it's easy to feel helpless, exhausted, afraid . . . and alone. We can feel like victims to circumstances out of our control. 

Beloved author Sally Clarkson understands deeply. Through almost seven decades of life, she has found herself tossed about in overwhelming life storms through many different seasons. 

In Help, I'm Drowning, Sally identifies the challenges that took her by surprise and then leads you to the wisdom she gathered from her experiences. Finding grace to walk through the darkness and hope to make it through will give you the comfort and encouragement you need in knowing you are not alone. Though there are no easy, formulaic answers that apply to every situation, Sally leads us to the One who is with us and will see us through. 

Sally found the anchors that held her steady in the midst of every storm, and she wants to help you find your anchors too. She invites you into her own personal story of anchoring well, and then--with honesty, grit, and her trademark wisdom--she will help you heal and move forward with courage and strength.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub


I assumed that when I became a wife and mother, I would automatically be mature, healthy, loving, and successful at these relationships. I did not understand the demands and weight of being a mother at all. Then conflict in my own heart and life and the stress of living with so many needs and so many demands showed me my selfishness in new ways. I was so disappointed in myself when I lost patience, acted in an unloving way, even resented my children. But I longed for mercy. I wanted to be understood. I wanted someone to recognize that I had a heart to be good at these relationships, but sometimes I just couldn’t. I meant to be patient, giving, and loving, but I had my limits.

I learned that my children had all these same limits. It was through my children and the demands of everyday life that I learned the need for gentleness. Where does a woman find the ability to be gentle, to show mercy and understanding and compassion? I believe it comes as she understands that her heart is selfish, prone to making bad choices, limited in patience, and only just beginning to understand what love requires. Mamas long for grace and a gentle, sympathetic response from others in their lives. A mother learns and understands that she herself is fragile and needy. She then realizes that her children, too, have the same issues and needs. 

Excerpt from Help, I’m Drowning by Sally Clarkson provided by Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Copyright Sept. 3, 2021. Used by permission.




Sally Clarkson

Photo Credit: © Steve Hixon

Sally Clarkson is the beloved author of many bestselling books, including Awaking Wonder, Own Your LifeThe Lifegiving Home with her daughter Sarah, Desperate with Sarah Mae, and Different with her son Nathan. As a mother of four, she has inspired thousands of women through Whole Heart Ministries. She advocates relentlessly for the power of motherhood, the foundational importance of family, and the influence of home through her Mom Heart conferences, speaking to audiences on several continents. Mentoring women to understand how to love God in a more personal way and how to live a satisfying Christian life are threaded through her messages. Sally's podcast, At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends, has more than 14 million downloads.

CONNECT WITH SALLY: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



(1) winner will receive a four-book prize including Awaking Wonder by Sally Clarkson, The Happy Crab by Layla & Kevin Palmer, Make Their Day by Karen Ehman, and Prevail by Susie Larson!

Help, I'm Drowning JustRead Giveaway

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Hangin' by a Moment by Andrea Christenson

Hangin' by a Moment JustRead Blog + Review Tour 

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Hangin' by a Moment by Andrea Christenson presented by Susan May Warren, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Hangin' by a Moment

Title: Hangin' by a Moment
Series: Deep Haven Collection #5
Author: Andrea Christenson presented by Susan May Warren
Publisher: Sunrise Publishing
Release Date: September 14, 2021
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

He just wants to erase his past. She can’t seem to escape hers. But facing it might put their future in jeopardy.

The day Jack Stewart walked out of jail, he vowed to keep his conviction a secret. The whole thing was just a terrible mistake, and he did his time. Now he wants a new life in a sleepy town where no one knows his name. Deep Haven is the perfect place to start over as a chef. The last thing the former pararescue jumper wants is to get involved. But when Boone Buckam—the guy he owes for getting him out of the slammer—asks for help, how can he refuse? 

Colleen Decker has already escaped evil once—as a teenager, she was kidnapped by a murderer. But she’s put all that behind her as a trauma nurse in Minneapolis. Or maybe not, because a freak mistake in the ER sends her past crashing down on her. She needs a timeout in her hometown of Deep Haven. She doesn’t plan to stay—even when she’s roped into the job of flight nurse for the town’s Crisis Response Team chopper. Colleen’s not sure why she’s drawn to danger, but she’ll be safe enough—after all, she’ll need training, and her teacher is a handsome former pararescue jumper. What could go wrong? 

When Jack said he didn’t want to get involved, he especially meant his heart—but being with Colleen feels like a fresh start. He’ll even climb aboard a chopper again, despite his vows.  They’re headed for a happy ending… 

But secrets never stay buried in a small town. And when disaster strikes one snowy night, they’ll both have to decide if the past will destroy them…or if it just might lead them home. 

Cozy up to this perfect Deep Haven drama about discovering a season of second chances.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | BookBub



Colleen picked at an onion ring. The door to the kitchen swung open as a man with dark-blond hair pushed through it. He wore an apron around his waist and made his way around the crowded tables, chatting with a few of the other diners before stopping at theirs.

“Is the food okay?”

He looked vaguely familiar. A five o’clock shadow brushed his cheeks. His blue VFW T-shirt strained against his muscular chest. Not that she noticed. She definitely didn’t notice. But even the sleeves of his shirt seemed to strain around his biceps. What was a guy like this doing in a kitchen? He gave a quick smile that didn’t quite reach his iron-blue eyes.

Wait, she knew him. “Jack, right? From the other day in Boone’s office?”

Comprehension dawned in his eyes too. “Right! And you’re Colleen. The one who wants the flight nurse job.”

Well, that wasn’t quite true…

“I told Boone that I could train you if you want. I know what certification you need.”

“No. I was just telling Ella here”—she gestured to her friend who had oh so conveniently chosen that moment to stuff a whole onion ring into her mouth—“that I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick around. They expect me back in the Cities sometime next week.”

Jack seemed unexpectedly crestfallen. Why did he care if she stayed or not?

“If you change your mind, I’ll be here.” He started back to the swinging door of the kitchen while the Blue Monkeys crooned the chorus of “Take My Breath Away” on stage.

She didn’t know why, but, “Wait!” Colleen called out. What was she doing?

Jack halted, turned back to her.

Um. “I just wanted to ask you to tell the cook that this is a great burger.” She held up her half-eaten sandwich.

A slow smile transformed Jack’s face. “It’s the onions, isn’t it?”

Was it her imagination, or did the room suddenly get weirdly hot?

“I…I was going to say the candied bacon, but you’re right. The onions really pull it together.”

Jack stepped back toward the table. “It’s definitely worth the time it takes to caramelize them before adding them to the burger. Going slow can be a good thing.” His magnetic eyes locked onto hers.

Gulp. “I didn’t realize you were the chef.” Sheesh, that definitely sounded like…flirting. What?

“Not a chef, just a short-order cook. But I take my job seriously. Speaking of which, I should get back. But thanks for noticing.” Jack winked, then wove his way through the tables to the kitchen.


She looked up to Ella’s wide grin. “What? Do I have something on my face?”

Ella laughed. “No, silly. Jack.”

She took a bite of the burger. “What about him?”

Ella made her eyes wide, deadpanned, “‘I didn’t realize you were the chef.’”

Colleen’s face burned. “What? I like a good burger.” She took a drink. “Just because I’m not sticking around doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a cute guy.”

“Colleen, you’ve got to be kidding me. If it wasn’t disloyal to Adrian, I would say Jack’s more than cute. He’s gorgeous.”

Colleen bit into an onion ring. “Yeah. I’d go there. But it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, stop. I think you should rethink training for that flight nurse position. You could come home and live with me. You wouldn’t have to stay at your parents’ place. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend more time with Muscles?”


If only coming back home didn’t smell a little too much like defeat. And Colleen never liked waving a white flag.

© Sunrise Publishing




 Susan May Warren is the USA Today best-selling novelist of 80 books. With more than 1.5 million books in print, she is beloved by reviewers and readers around the world. Visit Susan at
CONNECT WITH SUSAN: Website | FacebookInstagram | Twitter

Andrea Christenson lives in a Minneapolis, MN suburb with her husband and two daughters. When she is not busy homeschooling her girls, she loves to read anything she can get her hands on. She believes that a great loaf of artistic bread can turn a meal into a masterpiece. Andrea’s prayer is to write stories revealing God’s love.

CONNECT WITH ANDREA: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Merging the creative energies of best-selling authors Susan May Warren and Lindsay Harrel, Sunrise Publishing is the matchmaker for established authors who want to build on their current success for future growth and aspiring authors looking to break out, build an audience, and hone their writing skills. 



(1) winner will receive 3 Hangin' by a Moment ebooks (one ebook for the winner and two to give to friends)!

Hangin' by a Moment JustRead Giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight September 14, 2021 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on September 21, 2021. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

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