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Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Other Side of Certain by Amy Willoughby-Burle #TheOtherSideofCertain #AmyWilloughbyBurle #HFVBT


The Other Side of Certain by Amy Willoughby-Burle

Publication Date: September 21, 2022
Fireship Press

Series: Love for Certain, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction

For the love of love…and books

Mattie Mobley planned to be a teacher, but when times grew tough during America’s Great Depression, and there were no teaching positions in her hometown of Asheville, NC, Mattie found work starting a school and helping the Pack Horse Librarians just over the mountains in the rural town of Certain, Kentucky. She’s not certain at all that this is a good situation, but she’s determined, and honestly, a little desperate. Of all the things that Mattie does have—money, comforts, a good name, she doesn’t have what matters most—friends, love, and a purpose of her own.

Daniel, “The Grizzly Bear,” Barrett had a lovely life for a little while. Overcoming his family’s bad name and worse reputation, he made a life for himself in Certain. He was married with children and a figure of respect in his church, but desperate times called for desperate measures and a terrible tragedy was the result. Now exiled with his children along the wily run of the Hell for Certain Creek, Daniel has gotten used to being the town pariah again. It’s in his blood after all. Right? Maybe not, but he’ll need the powerful influence of love not only to change his own mind about himself but to convince his estranged extended family and the whole town as well.

Can one librarian with a saddlebag full of books make people see the difference between fact and fiction? Mattie loves a good story, and this may be her best one yet. Fiction tells the best truths and the best truth of all is love.

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I tried not to go into town any more often than I needed to, especially in the summer when there was food to eat from the yard. But if I missed a week trading at Gibbon's, Liam was fit to be tied. Liam and I weren’t kin no more, not really, but he was used to telling me what to do like a big brother and it was hard to get him to mind his own business. When I did go to town, I tried to keep my eyes from finding the church across the street from the grocery, but it was hard not to look at it. Mostly, I went into the store from the back, so I only caught a glimpse of the old house and church as I pulled into town. It had been right at four years, but I still felt the shame of what I did.

“Whoa, Cody,” I called to my stead as he tried to steer himself toward the front door. “Let’s just take in our haul and go. I ain’t aiming to get wound up in any new gossip today.”

Gibbons was the first face I saw when I pulled the cart up to the back of the store. His smile reminded me that not everyone thought of me poorly. Mr. Gibbons had known me as a boy and known my father even, yet he still treated me with respect. He was one of the few people who actually knew what happened back then, that night in particular. Sometimes I wondered if I would have been better off just staying at home after my folks died. Maybe I should have just kept to myself. Then again, I’d not have had Emily or the kids if I hadn’t been taken in by Pastor Collins and his family. At least I still had my children. So long as I stayed mostly out of sight, people seemed to forget I existed. It was better that way.


Praise for The Other Side of Certain

"As a fan of southern fiction, I had high expectations for The Other Side of Certain, and Amy Willoubhy-Burle exceeded them all. She weaves an inspiring story of redemption and finding home in a rough-around-the-edges town that both intrigues and entertains from page one. Simply put, the book is lovely! With thought-provoking dialogue, characters you can't help but cheer for, and poignant symbolism, Burle tackles the topic of hell on earth and in man-displaying God's grace and mercy throughout. The ending will leave readers with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts." -Beth Pugh, award-winning author of The Valentine Proposal and The Santa Run

"Welcome to Certain, where mountain legends sway minds and secrets rule hearts. The Other Side of Certain is richly grounded in research, taking the reader on a sweeping journey. In the midst of the Great Depression, Mattie and Daniel discover the power of hope and the beauty of second chances." -Rachel Scott McDaniel, award-winning author of The Mobster's Daughter

"Amy Willoughby-Burle's The Other Side of Certain is a heartwarming, enduring tale of how libraries in even the most remote, impoverished towns can change lives since books are 'so much more than little black words on a white page.' Reading opens up new worlds for those involved and learning to read helps them heal to love again. A smashed stained-glass window becomes a metaphor for broken things being restored in this small Kentucky locale where many things are uncertain. The author carefully reconnects the shattered, colorful pieces of her character's journeys and situations into a beautiful and memorable design." -Delores Topliff, author of Books Afloat, Christmas Tree Wars, and Wilderness Wife

About the Author


Amy Willoughby-Burle grew up in the small coastal town of Kure Beach, NC, and now lives in Asheville, NC with her husband and four children. She teaches creative writing and works as a freelance editor when not working on her own fiction. She is also the director of Wildacres Writers Workshop. She is the author of the novels The Lemonade Year and The Year of Thorns and Honey. Her award-winning short fiction has been published in numerous journals and in her collection, Out Across the Nowhere. Her fiction focuses on the importance of family and friends and centers on the themes of forgiveness, second chances, and finding beauty in the world around us. She likes to write about the wonder and mystery of everyday life.

Visit her online at You can also Amy on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.


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The Other Side of Certain

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Lady's Triumph by Shelly Adina & R.E. Scott

The Lady's Triumph JustRead Blog + Review Blitz 

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for The Lady's Triumph by Shelly Adina & R.E. Scott, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!



The Lady's Triumph Title: The Lady's Triumph 
Series: The Regent's Devices #3 
Author: Shelley Adina and R.E. Scott 
Publisher: Moonshell Books 
Release Date: September 28, 2022 
Genre: Regency Steampunk

Only one thing could be worse than Napoleon’s invasion of England…

After their daring adventures behind enemy lines in France, Loveday Penhale and Celeste Blanchard cannot settle into everyday life at home. Has the Tinkering Prince forgotten them entirely? What of the prize he promised? Then, with the flourish of a royal messenger’s hand, their lives are changed. Not only have they won the prize, they are to join the Prince’s Own Engineers in London! 

They must overcome many a stone in the path, however—leave all they love, find a suitable house, and worst of all, cope with a chaperone—before they can take their rightful places among the most intelligent and forward-thinking minds in the kingdom. Their goal? To develop an airborne fleet that will end Napoleon’s dreams of conquering England forever. 

But the saboteur who has been plaguing their efforts for months has not yet been caught. And along with battling for acceptance among the engineers, tiptoeing closer to falling in love, and receiving invitations to Almack’s, they must discover the traitor’s identity … before the Prince Regent steps forward to command the fleet and finds himself playing right into Napoleon’s hands.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookBub



Determined to see this new planet named George, Celeste and Emory headed up the stairs, where a footman pointed them to the second flight into the top floor of the house. Several couples had also abandoned the ball and stood waiting for a chance to look through the eyepiece of the long brass telescope trained out the window.

Oblivious to the frigid air crawling in, Mr. Guelph was keeping an eye on his treasure. He wiped down the eyepiece with a cloth after each guest and adjusted this dial and that level.

“Ah, Miss Aventure, Sir Emory,” he said as they stepped forward for their turn. “I thought you’d make your way up here sooner or later. Couldn’t wait to catch a peek, what?”

“A decided attraction, sir,” Emory said. He stepped aside to let Celeste go first.

She bent to the eyepiece. In the night sky, stars popped into view, gleaming yellow and blue and red like gemstones scattered on velvet. And there, that faint bluish haze, that was the planet?

“Amazing,” she said, straightening. “But you must speak with Loveday. She has made a device that can see even farther.”

Their host’s brows rose. “Indeed. You can be sure I’ll discuss it with her at the first opportunity. In fact—” He glanced around. The other couples had left. “Keep an eye on it for me, will you?”

Emory didn’t have a moment to agree before Mr. Guelph barreled out.

“You will want to look,” Celeste told Emory in the quiet that followed.

“Why?” Emory asked. “The most beautiful sight of the night is standing right in front of me.” He bent closer. Celeste raised her chin and closed her eyes, shivering in anticipation.

“Now, that’s a statement I might have to steal.”

Emory straightened, and Celeste could have wished Jacob Barnes to perdition. Leaning against the doorjamb, their colleague grinned at them both, then sighed theatrically. “Ah, young love. Truly a marvel.”

It would be a marvel, if it were only true.




Shelley Adina Regina Scott

Shelley Adina is the author of more than 50 novels published by Harlequin, Warner, Hachette, and Moonshell Books, Inc., her own independent press. She writes steampunk adventure and mystery as Shelley Adina; as Charlotte Henry, writes classic Regency romance; and as Adina Senft, is the USA Today bestselling author of Amish women’s fiction. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Lancaster University in the UK, won RWA’s RITA Award® in 2005, and was a finalist in 2006. When she’s not writing, Shelley is usually quilting, sewing historical costumes, or enjoying the garden with her flock of rescued chickens.

R.E. (Regina) Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t sell her first novel until she learned a bit more about writing. She now has had published more than 60 works of warm, witty historical romance for Harlequin, Penguin, and Revell. Regina and her husband of more than 30 years reside in the Puget Sound area of Washington State on the way to Mt Rainier. She has dressed as a Regency dandy, learned to fence, driven four-in-hand, and sailed on a tall ship, all in the name of research, of course.

Connect with Shelley by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates. Connect with R.E. Scott by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.




(3) winners will receive a copy of The Emperor’s Aeronaut and The Prince’s Pilot (print + bookmarks US only, ebook internationally).

The Lady's Triumph JustRead Giveaway

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Book Tour & Author Interview: Millstone of Doubt by Erica Vetsch


A Bow Street Runner and a debutante in London Society use their skills to find the killer of a wealthy businessman, but the killer’s secrets aren’t the only ones they will uncover.

Caught in the explosion of the Hammersmith Mill in London, Bow Street runner Daniel Swann rushes to help any survivors only to find the mill's owner dead of an apparent gunshot--but no sign of the killer.

Even though the owner's daughter, Agatha Montgomery, mourns his death, she may be the only one. It seems there are more than a few people with motive for murder. But Daniel can't take this investigation slow and steady. Instead, he must dig through all the suspects as quickly as he can because the clock is ticking until his mysterious patronage--and his job as a runner--comes to an abrupt and painful end. It seems to Daniel that, like his earthly father, his heavenly Father has abandoned him.
Lady Juliette Thorndike is Agatha's bosom friend and has the inside knowledge of the wealthy London ton to be invaluable to Daniel. She should be in a perfect position to help with the case. But when her trusted instructor in the art of spy craft orders her to stay out of the investigation, Lady Juliette obeys. That is, until circumstances intervene, and she drops right into the middle of the deadly pursuit.

When a dreadful accident ends in another death on the mill floor, Daniel discovers a connection to his murder case--and to his own secret past. Now he and Juliette are in a race to find the killer before his time runs out.

Interview with Author Erica Vetsch

What was your greatest challenge while writing Millstone of Doubt?

This is my first true whodunnit mystery, so plotting the mystery elements and saving a few plot twists for towards the end of the story posed quite a challenge. The first book in the series, The Debutante’s Code, had mystery elements, but might be classified as more of a ‘heist’ book, but Millstone of Doubt is a true murder mystery.

Who is your favorite character in the story and why?

It’s always hard to pick a character who is your favorite, but if I was hard pressed, I would have to say Daniel. He asks spiritual questions without being disrespectful, but because he truly does not understand. He’s dealing with a lot of past hurt and tends to unravel other people’s mysteries because his own mystery seems tangled beyond sorting.

Can you share your research process? Which resource book did you find most helpful?

I do basic research before I start a story. For example, I needed to learn about grist mills, how they work, how they’re laid out. I read a couple of books, but I also visited a working grist mill and spoke with the docent there. As I’m writing, I tend to make lists of things I need to look up, or I make a note in the document. And then, as I edit, I check and double check that I’ve gotten things as right as I possibly can.

As to resource books that are helpful, I have a book called Jane Austen Shopped Here, by Teresa DesJardien, which lists shops and streets and churches and so many fascinating things that were in existence in London and the surrounding areas during the Regency.

Do you like to find visual inspiration for your characters before or during your writing process? Do you have images you can share that come close to how you picture your characters?

I do like to find photos that resemble my characters. I’m not certain I can share them without violating copyright, but I will give an example that folks might know. In both The Debutante’s Code and Millstone of Doubt, the heroine’s uncle plays a significant role. Sir Bertrand Thorndike was patterned after a young Cary Grant, very suave, very droll, with a nice line in irony. I picture him as I’m writing Uncle Bertie.

What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book?

The first thing I want readers to take away from my book is that it was an entertaining read. I always want my readers to be more hopeful about the sovereignty of God coupled with the goodness of God. In Millstone of Doubt in particular, the message of God being a Father to the fatherless is a strong theme.

What was your favorite book as a child?

I was always reading as a child. It was my favorite things to do! I don’t know that I could pick just one favorite book, but I did read Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder many, many times.

What do you do like to do besides writing?

I am the company bookkeeper for our family lumber business, and I like to do needlework, cross-stitch and sewing. In addition, I love to watch sports on TV. If it involves a ball and at least two players, I’m in.

What can we look forward to coming from you in the future?

I just turned in book three in the Thorndike & Swann Regency Mystery Series, Children of the Shadows. That story will release in 2023, and then hopefully, I’ll be writing more books set in this particular “Haverly Universe” as I like to call it.

About the Author

Erica Vetsch is a New York Times best-selling author and ACFW Carol Award winner and has been a Romantic Times top pick for her previous books. She loves Jesus, history, romance, and watching sports. This transplanted Kansan now makes her home in Rochester, Minnesota.


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Review: The Last Way Home by Liz Johnson

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


When Eli Ross left Prince Edward Island to join the NHL, he left a broken family behind. More than a decade later, he's broke and headed home to an uncertain welcome. He wants to make things right with the family he wronged, but his mom's business partner isn't making it easy. To top it off, the coaching job he's accepted turns out to be far more difficult than he anticipated.

For years, Violet Donaghy has put everything she had into making Eli's mom's ceramics shop a success, and she's not eager to forgive the man who hurt the family that's taken her in as one of their own. But when the kiln at the shop starts a fire that nearly destroys the studio, she'll need all the help she can get to save the business and their summer income.

Can these two strong-willed people come together to mend the broken pieces of the Ross family? Or will the ghosts of the past continue to haunt them?

Return to Prince Edward Island for a romantic story of family, forgiveness, and the power of love.

My Review

I loved this story so much! There's something magical about Prince Edward Island, especially for fans of Anne of Green Gables. This contemporary romance doesn't shy away from the harder things in life, and it makes the redemption story of Eli all the sweeter. Violet also has a tough past that she still hasn't made peace with. They are drawn together through their connection with his family, and they both acknowledge that they have secrets and are curious about each other's. Over time they recognize the good in each other and working together to help Mama Potts gives them a common goal. The author does a wonderful job of connecting with the emotions of the characters and I was glued to the pages as I read the book straight through. Both Eli and Violet develop in their faith and also their sense of belonging as they process their thoughts and feelings with each other and move forward towards a brighter future. It was so fun to have a cameo of the characters from the author's other PEI series when Eli and Violet stumble across the Red Door Inn. Immediately after finishing this book I read the first book in the series, Beyond the Tides, which is also excellent. I can't wait for Levi's story with the next book!

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

Check out the first book in the Prince Edward Island Shores series . . .

Review: The Baby's Christmas Blessing by Meghann Whistler


My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


A second chance at love... with a newborn as matchmaker!

Nothing will be merry about Steve Weston’s Christmas if he doesn’t find a nanny for his newborn nephew fast. But the best choice is Chloe Richardson, the woman he pushed away years ago. He has a second chance at making the season’s joy last for a lifetime—unless he allows old wounds to separate them once more…

My Review

I loved the holiday setting as Aiden and Chloe are reunited when his aunt hires her to be an emergency nanny for Aiden's infant nephew after his sister unexpectedly dies. Chloe was extremely hurt when Aiden didn't keep in touch after a summer kiss as youth, but as the story progresses we learn about Aiden's unfortunate family circumstances which makes it easier for her to find closure and forgive him. Their attraction is still there, however they are both in transitional phases of life which keeps them holding back. It was difficult to see how they could make a future work without Chloe giving up her dream of teaching, but the magic of the holidays and the love of a sweet baby helped them overcome their challenges and find a way forward together.

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.

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Blog Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Healing Hazel by Jennifer Moore

Healing Hazel JustRead Blog + Review Tour 

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Healing Hazel by Jennifer Moore, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!



Healing Hazel Title: Healing Hazel 
Series: The Blue Orchid Society #3 
Author: Jennifer Moore 
Publisher: Covenant Communications 
Release Date: September 8, 2022 
Genre: Clean & Wholesome Romance / Historical / Victorian

Hazel Thornton has one great ambition: to help the sick and wounded as a nurse. But that dream can never become a reality. After a devastating childhood trauma, she has spent her life battling fits of panic that make it impossible to finish her studies. Everything changes, however, when a trip to Spain takes a perilous turn that derails her plans to visit her father for Christmas and immediately plunges her into the dangers of a brutal war.

With single-minded focus, she springs into action to help her fellow travelers. To ensure their continued care, she begins work at a Spanish hospital alongside Dr. Jim Jackson, a man whose only emotion seems to be wariness of his new assistant. Armed with gifts of support from each of her dearest friends, a group that dubs themselves the Blue Orchid Society, Hazel embarks on a journey of hope and healing to battle the demons of her past with the help of the doctor who has captured her heart.

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & NobleBookBub



My favorite thing about Historical Fiction is the paradox that “these people are just like us” while at the same time, “they were so different back then.” I always like to put myself in the shoes of the character I’m reading about and wonder how I would react to things during the time period. Like, would I have followed Hitler if I was a German citizen? Of course, based on who I am as an American in the 21st century, I adamantly deny even the smallest possibility that I would. But that’s just the thing. The circumstances are both similar and completely foreign to what we know today. And while we can imagine ourselves with our modern attitudes in the setting, we can’t fully understand how it actually was to actually be there, in that situation, in that time.

I found this particularly true when I was researching the Carlist Wars in Spain for this book. On one hand, the culture of 19th century Spain is nothing like my own. It was fascinating and different to learn about, the traditions, the language, the food, all of it so foreign to me. But there were also shocking similarities that reminded me so much of the current political situation in the US.

The wars were fought over succession. Who should be the next king (or queen)? And the two factions became more and more divided as time went on. On one side were the traditionalists, the Carlists. They were religious and believed in the old ways, they wanted Spain to stay how it was with old-fashioned values and believed the Cristinos had unfairly installed their ruler instead of the rightful one. The Cristinos or Liberales believed in progress and change. They didn’t want religion in their government and believed in social justice. They wanted Spain to move forward instead of being trapped in outdated traditions.

Reading about these two groups and how their inability to compromise led to so many deaths and thrust Spain into a civil war that lasted decades, I couldn’t help but compare the climate of the time to what I see every day on the internet.

And so, what’s the takeaway? People are people, and we have the same worries for our kids, the same frustrations with our jobs, and many of the same fears that people have always had—but on the flip side, there are things we cannot ever fully understand about a different culture and a different time. The only thing we can really do is appreciate it, learn from it, and hope when future generations look back at us, they can have empathy.



Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore lives with one husband and four sons who produce heaps of laundry and laughter. She earned a BA from the University of Utah in Linguistics, which she uses mostly for Jeopardy. A reader of history and romance, she loves traveling, tall ships, scented candles, and watching cake decorating videos. When she’s not driving carpool, writing, or helping with homework, she’ll usually be found playing tennis.

Connect with Jennifer by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(1) winner will receive a signed copy of Healing Hazel, bookmark, blue orchid pin, themed stickers, and a $25 Amazon gift card!

Healing Hazel JustRead Giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight September 20, 2022 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on September 27, 2022. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Gift card open internationally. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

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Blog Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: His Small Town Dream by Tara Randel

His Small Town Dream JustRead Blog + Review Tour 

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for His Small Town Dream by Tara Randel, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


His Small Town Dream Title: His Small Town Dream 
Series: The Golden Matchmakers Club #3 
Author: Tara Randel 
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming 
Release Date: August 23, 2022 
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Sweet/Clean)

This city girl…

Could be his perfect match! 
Adam Wright is ready to stop nursing his broken heart and give in to his family’s matchmaking. He knows lively marketing exec Carrie Mitchell wants to return to New York, but he’s showing her all small-town Golden has to offer…including himself. When his ex-fiancĂ©e arrives, it could scare Carrie away, or it may be a chance to heal past hurts…and share his small-town dream with her!

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | BookBub





I have always enjoyed setting my books in small towns. Probably because I grew up in one and remember how much I loved it there. I recall the town green where we watched the July 4th parade and gathered to count down before the Christmas tree lights blazed to life. How if I walked from my house to the town center, I passed a dozen neighbors along the way. I had wonderful friends and lovely memories. Now, I travel to get that small town feel.

For instance, we spend a week in the north Georgia mountains almost every fall. Since autumn is my favorite season, I love to see how the leaves have changed color and go for long hikes in the woods. But when we are in one of the towns in the area, I especially love to people watch. My special town, Golden, was born from the many vacations we have taken in this area.

In creating Golden, I’ve taken the best of every town and plunked it down in one place. My imagination runs wild as I bring to life a place where I’d love to live myself. Since this is my town, I create the businesses, the descriptions of the town and surrounding areas, and most of all, the characters. Trust me, there is no lack of drama in a place where everyone knows each other, or a newcomer arrives and has to learn about the townspeople. There is a lot of conflict packed there and I love coming up with plots that will build on the conflict and then drag it out, revealing the setting as the story progresses.

I take lots of pictures when I’m in the mountains, so I have inspiration when I’m creating. I can see downtown Golden in my mind’s eye; the six blocks of Main Street on a slight incline, full of interesting businesses to lure tourists. The buildings are painted different colors and are neatly kept by the shopkeepers. Ornate cast iron lampposts line Main Street, supporting large planters brimming with flowers, the variety and colors changing with the seasons.

There is a local hangout, Smitty’s Pub, where there is action in most of the books, along with the always important coffee shop where characters meet up. You never know where the matchmakers might gather, but usually they can be found at the ringleader’s house while they plot the future of the unsuspecting couples. I’ve included cabins by the lake, had characters hike through the beautiful woods or searching for waterfalls and offered my characters horseback riding on secluded trails. To me this is heaven on earth.

In another series, I set the town on the Florida coast, similar to where I live. I was able to bring the lovely weather, beach activities and the fun of living near the water to those stories, while creating characters who thrive in the this setting.

Mostly, I love my characters’ connections to these towns. The joy of their hometown or how they unintentionally fall in love with their new home. There are roots, traditions and pride in these settings that I love to portray. I also enjoy reading stories set in small towns when I get lost in a good book. And from what I can tell, readers love to visit these towns as well.

Small towns are a wealth of content for writers, and to be honest, I just love them, so it’s natural that I’d pick a small town in which to set a story every time I write a book.



Tara Randel

Tara Randel is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author. Family values, a bit of mystery and, of course, love and romance, are her favorite themes, because she believes love is the greatest gift of all. She writes for multiple genres, including romance, mystery and Women’s fiction.

Connect with Tara by visiting to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(1) winner will receive an autographed print copy of Stealing Her Best Friend’s Heart and Her Christmastime Family, a festive fall mug and towel, and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. (1) additional winner will receive a $10 Amazon e-Gift Card.

His Small Town Dream JustRead Giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight September 19, 2022 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on September 26, 2022. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Gift card open internationally. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Review: An Autumn Kiss (Timeless Victorian Collection) by Laura Rollins, Annette Lyon, Lisa H. Catmull


My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing

An Autumn Kiss is the seventh book in the Timeless Victorian Collection, a bestselling anthology series from Mirror Press. The book features three novellas from acclaimed historical romance authors whose stories reveal if one kiss will change the lives of the three heroines.

“The Plucky Miss Ruth,” by Laura Rollins
Miss Ruth Hughes is certain she’s caught in a time loop—every day she wakes to find it exactly as the one before. A thrilling prospect to be sure. If the many books she reads on time travel has taught her anything, it is that to break free she must complete an all-important task. For Ruth the task is straightforward: reunite a couple, once desperately in love but forced apart by society. Unfortunately, things are not always as easy as they first appear. Struggling, Ruth opens up to the handsome Lord Lambert and he readily agrees to help. With autumn on the brink of turning into winter, time is running out for Ruth to help the ones who need her most. And, with a bit of luck, perhaps she can even find a little time for her own happily ever after.

“Mr. Dowling’s Remedy,” by Annette Lyon

Crandall Dowling’s aspirations of becoming a physician collapse when he develops symptoms that land him in an asylum. He’s been at Sherville Retreat long enough for autumn leaves to appear when Beverly Stanton arrives. She’s held under the dubious diagnosis of “hysteria” but seems perfectly sane, unlike Crandall, though his verbal and physical tics don’t seem to scare or even bother her. Beverly and Crandall develop a friendship fueled by an undeniable attraction that under other circumstances could become more. But in an asylum, one cannot plan a future, let alone one of love or marriage. Then tragedy strikes, testing staff and patients beyond anyone’s training. When the dust settles, Beverly’s diagnosis may be reversed, but if she leaves, what will become of her? What of Crandall? And what of their autumn-born love?

“A Railway Through the Roses,” by Lisa H. Catmull
Mr. Adrian Everard has tried everything to keep his father’s factory open, but a single solution remains. Marry an heiress before Christmas to fund the desperately needed railway. The local landowner, Lady Anne Baxter, will not agree to sell her garden—or her heart. Indeed, his childhood friend is determined to sabotage all his efforts to find a wife. As the deadline for Adrian to choose a bride draws close, one thing becomes painfully obvious. Saving the factory will mean losing the woman he loves forever.

My Review

This collection's stories are unique and captivating! I enjoyed each one equally, with vibrant characters, fascinating plots, and a full story arc even with the shorter format. These feel longer than the typical novella, and I was immersed in the Victorian era with its exciting vibe of progress. The first story has paranormal elements of the Groundhog Day variety, and it was fun to see Ruth try different methods and behavior to discover the elements needed to break the loop. The second story had a setting I've found both fascinating and disturbing- an asylum, where injustice occurs and those affected have little means to combat it. I loved the sweet friendship and romance that blossoms as Beverly and Crandall find hope and comfort in one another. I'm so glad that the time finally came when standards and  accountability were more widely enforced. The last story showed that even though times were progressing, financial need and business prospects were still a major factor in marriage connections. Adrian and Anne are at an impasse with bringing prosperity to the area through railroad transportation, and it takes falling in love for them to finally realize that compromise is achievable. Overall, the romance and chemistry between the well-drawn characters made this a stand-out collection and wonderful addition to the series!

Disclosure statement: A complimentary copy of this book was provided from a tour group, publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley, OR was borrowed from the library, including OverDrive, OR borrowed from Kindle Unlimited, OR purchased. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are unbiased and my own.


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About the Authors

Laura Rollins has always loved a heart-melting happily ever after. It didn’t matter if the story took place in Regency England, or in a cobbler’s shop, if there was a sweet romance, she would read it.

Life has given her many of her own adventures. Currently she lives in the Rocky Mountains with her best friend, who is also her husband, and their four beautiful children. She still loves to read books and more books; her favorite types of music are classical, Broadway, and country; she loves hiking in the mountains near her home; and she’s been known to debate with her oldest son about whether Infinity is better categorized as a number or an idea.


Annette Lyon is a USA Today bestselling author, a 9-time recipient of Utah’s Best in State medal for fiction (three times for novel-length works and five times for short fiction), and a Whitney Award winner for BAND OF SISTERS. She's the author of over a dozen novels, at least that many novellas, a cookbook, a popular grammar guide, and over a hundred magazine articles.

She’s a founder and regular contributor of the Timeless Romance Anthologies line of sweet romance stories, which she served as editor for its first three years. She's also one of the four co-authors of The Newport Ladies Book Club series. She graduated cum laude from BYU with a degree in English.


Lisa H. Catmull: I write clean and wholesome romances in the Victorian era and sweet contemporary romances. My books have been nominated for Swoony, RONE, and Whitney awards.

I taught Middle School English and History for seven years before pursuing screenwriting and writing. I currently live between a canyon and a lake in Utah with my husband, two cats, and two rambunctious children.