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Review: Mostly Risky by Heather B. Moore

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


A haunting curse. A voice from the past. A truth that will break her heart.

The Ambrose curse has stopped Amelia from following her heart. She’s accepted her fate as part of the generations of Ambrose women who’ve lost their husbands too young. So Amelia is determined to never marry, to never allow herself to fall in love.

Grigg Edison has been patient long enough. Two years, in fact. When Amelia confesses that she’s ready to test the power of the curse, all he wants is a chance. He’ll do anything, including risking his heart in order to uncover the origin of the ancient legend.

But for Amelia, the risk may be too great, and the roots of family lore too deep.

My Review

This one is my favorite of the series! It has a slightly paranormal premise with the family curse, but what I liked about this story is the focus on the relationship and emotions of Amelia and Grigg, and they felt natural and grounded. While the curse provides some of the plot conflict, there is a more natural tension from Grigg's unrequited love and Amelia's change of heart towards pursuing a long term relationship. I loved their foundation of friendship and professional respect that was able to grow into something more. There is a good dose of humor as Amelia seeks out her past potential boyfriends and Grigg's reactions to each of them. Great chemistry balanced with an element of suspense made this a perfect addition to The Women of Ambrose Estate series that just keeps getting better!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Review: Heart Thief by Taylor Dean

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


I was warned about him. I should've listened. But I didn't.

Of course, I also thought Ryker Martel was about to propose.

He didn't.

I was ready to say yes.

He was ready to wait a little longer.

Now he's out of the country on an extended business trip and I'm staying in his penthouse apartment with seeds of disillusionment taking over my soul.

Ryker reminded me that his estranged brother might show up out of the blue at his penthouse. He told me to let him know right away if he did. He'd take care of it.

His brother is bad news. The rebel, the black sheep of the family.

"Don't trust him," Ryker said. "Stay as far away from him as possible. He's a thief, a snake."

Warning duly noted.

And ignored.

I considered myself equipped to handle whatever was thrown my way. I was wrong.

Nothing prepared me for Zane and the havoc he would wreak in my life--and in my heart. He turned me upside down and knocked me sideways.

Falling for the other brother is never a good idea. Keeping it a secret, even worse.

Especially when he proves to be the thief he was purported to be.

My heart will never be mine again and I want it back.

But it has been stolen and I'll never be the same.


My Review

Oooh, this story really brought out all the feels! I love when I'm experiencing the emotions of the characters, especially when they have such great chemistry and an interesting story to go along. The family dynamics were complicated and provided the conflict in the unexpected romance Mila finds herself in the middle of. The contrast between the brothers was stark, and as layers are peeled back and revealed, I was drawn in more and more as the story increased in intensity. This is one of those books that you just can't put down, with plenty of angst, the thrill of new love, and the personal difficulties that the characters struggle through and you just want to tell them, "You're not alone!" Overall, this is one of the standout books I've read this year and plan to definitely re-read it again in the future!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

Review: God Rest Ye Merry Spinster by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Christmas is here, and Elinor Asheley’s entire family has gathered at their country estate to celebrate. But when her arch nemesis arrives at the estate by chance, warm wishes and the holiday spirit are the last things on her mind. Elinor is determined to protect her family from him no matter how changed he claims to be.

When the winter weather strands Hugh Sterling at the estate of the woman who hates him most in the world, his only wish is to escape the place unscathed. He is not the man he once was, and he will do everything he can to prove that to Elinor. But nothing can prepare him for the changes that spending his holiday with her will bring.

My Review

I was surprised to learn that Hugh was the hero of this story since he is such a thorn in the side of the Spinsters, but he redeemed himself quite nicely! He's such a different person, except for the memories he has of his former life and lessons learned. He puts up with a lot of harshness and attitude from Elinor, but she soon realizes his changes are genuine and apologies sincere. I loved the friendship that developed between these two enemies and the unexpected sweetness in both. The story is rich with holiday spirit and it was lovely to read it during Christmas when it was easy to envision their celebrations. I missed the presence and banter of the other Spinsters, but Elinor's eccentric extended family provided the entertainment that usually comes from that sphere.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Review: Her Country Christmas Date by Ranee S. Clark

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it


Is ten days, twelve dates, and a little Christmas magic enough for happily ever after?

Dru North has far more substance than the party-boy reputation given to him by the media, which is why a quiet Christmas in Little is just what he needs. From the moment he meets Amber Miller, who’s staying across the hall, sparks fly, and a magical Christmas party leads to an impulsive kiss.

While Dru is eager to get to know Amber during the quiet vacation, she’s wary of his reputation and his riches. She challenges him to take her on twelve dates before she’ll consider their relationship anything more than a holiday fling—a feat given the fact that she’s only in town for ten days.

Amidst the big family holiday Dru has always dreamed of having, Amber finds herself trusting with every “date” that Dru isn’t the bad-boy she thought him to be. But his insistence that this can be more than a holiday fling has Amber worried about the future. Dru’s a famous country star with money to burn, and she’s just a teacher. Are their worlds too far apart for a happily ever after when the Christmas magic is over?

My Review

This was a fun and easy holiday novella, with plenty of Christmas spirit. I rather enjoyed Dru more than Amber- he was interesting with his secret wholesomeness hidden behind his carefully crafted public image. I didn't see the appeal of Amber as much- her character seemed to me more two dimensional and a tad self-centered. It prevented me from connecting with their emotions and feeling invested in their relationship. The impulsive kiss between strangers felt off, also removing any romantic tension/anticipation. My favorite parts were with Dru and his interactions with other secondary characters.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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The night Tag Turner claimed he loved Roxy Adams and begged her to follow him to Nashville to live his dream, she sent him packing since she knew it couldn't be real. Even if he did insist he’d been singing his love to her for years. 

Eight years later, Tag, now a famous country star, rolls back into small town Little River hoping for one more shot at winning his high school crush. But Roxy loves her quiet, country life on her family’s ranch—a life that doesn’t have room for someone who can’t buy coffee without national media attention.

Not ready to give up, Tag stays in Little River to work on his next album and convince the woman he loves to give him a chance. Will Roxy ever trust his feelings are real and not just lyrics in a song?

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Sweet Romance for Christmas Grand Finale #RomBks4Chris19

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We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into these sweet contemporary romance books and grabbed some for yourself or as gifts for other romance lovers! If you missed any of the stops, you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below. And don't forget to enter the fantastic giveaway...

December 11th: Launch

December 12th: Julie Coulter Bellon - Truth or Dare

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

Being here brought back so many warm memories for her, like sunshine chasing away all her shadows. The reality was, though some things seemed the same, their lives were very different than what they had been. She needed to keep that in mind. 

Kami ran a hand through her damp hair and suppressed another shiver. She caught chills easily; that hadn’t changed. Back in the day, no matter what season it was, Jonah would be hot and she’d always be cold. He usually had his arm around her to warm her up, though. That was one thing she wished hadn’t changed, even if it was just for tonight. 

December 13th: Delaney Cameron - The Gift of Love

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

The salad course had just been served when Leah became aware of movement behind her. She turned her head to see what was going on and nearly dropped the dinner roll she’d been in the act of buttering. Under her astonished gaze, Dr. Levy sat down in the empty seat beside her. 

After thanking the waitress for a menu and asking for coffee, he turned to Leah and smiled. “Hello, again. If I wasn’t so sure you don’t like me, I’d begin to think you’re following me.” 

This provocative greeting broke the spell she’d fallen under. “I was here first, so the person doing the following is you.” 

December 14th: RaneĆ© S. Clark - Her Country Christmas Date

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

She laughed. The way her laughter sometimes escaped her, like it was a surprise, tickled his insides with more warmth. It could be zero degrees out here, and he could stand next to her and not feel it. He glanced back at the window, catching a few people watching them, and shifted into the darkness on the other side of the fire. He glanced around them.

“What is it?” she asked in a whisper.

He looked down at her, turning so that he faced her, blocking them both from anyone determined to find them. “Looking for mistletoe,” he teased.

December 15th: Stephanie Fowers - Robin and Marian

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

The door ripped open and she came face to face with Robin. Same laughing eyes, same devilish look under hawk-like brows. His dirty-brown hair had curled up in a stylish mess. He’d come straight from her memories—though older and more dashing, like he’d stepped through the glossy covers of those gossip magazines she despised. He was tall and strong, with broad shoulders and an athletic build—a modern day Robin Hood in black t-shirt and faded jeans. And she hated it!

His almond-shaped eyes turned appreciative when he saw her. “Are you new?”

December 16th: Aspen Hadley - Blind Dates, Bridesmaids & Other Disasters

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

As the starting time (for the 10k race) arrived, (my blind date) Mitch announced that he wanted to be at the front of the crowd. I followed him with heavy feet. How was I supposed to look all athletic and charming while moving my body in a way it wasn’t familiar with? Not to mention my lungs. My poor lungs were about to have the fight of their life. 

I was saved having to overthink it by the sound of a gunshot. My first thought was to duck, but others around me took off running, and I managed to keep from embarrassing myself thanks to my instinctual herd mentality. When everyone around you is running, you run. 

December 17th: Maria Hoagland - Santa Cam

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

Pulling back the curtain, he watched thick flakes swirl through the light of the streetlamp in front of his house. At least a couple of inches had accumulated—not bad for a place where he hadn’t expected to ever see snow. He itched to go out in it, but it wouldn’t be fun alone.

He found the number in his contacts and called, hoping Talia had her phone on do not disturb if it was too late for him to be calling. She answered on the second ring.

“Are you afraid of the little storm, Cam?” she crooned before he could say hello.

December 18th: Rachel John - The Christmas Bachelor Auction

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

Laurie and Cara were in the room next door, laughing hysterically about something. Justin was starting to think this auction was all part of a master plan to prank every single guy in town and see if they’d do their bidding.

Well, he had things to do. He’d promised Dad new photos of the gift shop, and now was as good a time as any. Justin picked up his camera bag and checked it before setting it by the door, put his shoes back on, and glanced around. His leather jacket, which had been hanging on the bed post earlier, was no longer there.

December 19th: Sally Johnson - Dear Mr. Darcy

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack. Or passing out. Or both. My nerves were shot, so I paced the hallway outside the intimidating double doors for my nine a.m. pitch session. 

“Alivia, seriously. Just breathe,” my roommate, Naomi, reminded me, which was easy for her to say. She wasn’t about to pitch her manuscript to an editor. She hadn’t been given an hour’s notice that a time slot had opened for a consultation. She didn’t have to convince an editor in ten minutes that her book was good enough for a publishing contract. I was so not ready.

December 20th: D.E. Malone - Love Like Forever

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

“Wait, is this Carmen Navarro’s remodel?” Sean asked.

“Who’s Carmen Navarro?”

Sean tipped his chin, looking over Matt’s shoulder. “The woman walking up the driveway.” 

Matt turned to look, but the sun had moved slightly and the glare on the hood blinded him. He squeezed his eyes shut, rubbed them, but still saw spots as he tried to focus on the figure coming toward them. Shoes hit the pavement in clipped measure and then stopped. Meanwhile, he couldn’t make out anything but a vague outline of this person with hands planted on her hips.

December 21st: Melissa McClone - Mountain Rescue Romance Series

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

The door cracked open.

“Welcome back, Carly,” a male voice greeted her warmly.

She’d expected to see Hannah’s husband of two years, Garrett Willingham, but the man standing in the doorway looked nothing like the clean-cut, non-risk-taking, business-suit-wearing certified public accountant. This guy was too rugged, too fit, too…familiar.

December 22nd: Brooke St. James - The Suite Life

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Snippet from the Excerpt (find the full post here):

People always asked me how it was being Alec Stone's daughter, but the truth was, I didn't have anything to compare it to. I had grown up with my dad being in the spotlight. I didn't know anything else.

My parents divorced when I was three-years-old, and my mom moved to Ventura to be closer to her parents. She took me and my older sisters with her. Dad stayed in Los Angeles. Ventura wasn't all that far, and we still saw him on a regular basis, but we flew under the radar and had a relatively normal childhood considering the fact that we were Alec Stone's daughters. I was the youngest by four years, and I had always been Dad's sidekick—traveling with him more often than my sisters did. I was now in my mid-twenties, and I still made a habit of going with him when I could.

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Review: Falling for a Former Flame by Brenna Jacobs

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Will Hadley's old flame burn her again? Or could this be her second chance at love?

Headstrong Hadley Booth is on the verge of living her dream, running a delightful--and almost profitable--bookshop in the hometown she loves. But when her first love, Fletcher Gates, comes back on the scene, Hadley questions everything she ever thought she knew. Fletcher's alpha-male macho firefighter status should rub Hadley the wrong way. She does not need a man to take care of her, thank you very much. But even though her brain understands they aren't right for each other, she can't seem to explain that to her heart.

When Fletcher Gates returns home to care for his sick Mom, he doesn't expect his ex-girlfriend Hadley to ignite his world again. He's grown up; he's changed. Most importantly, he’s over her. Even if he wasn’t, they crashed and burned once before. Why risk a second inferno?

Caught between the push-and-pull of fiery emotions, will Hadley and Fletcher finally find the happily-ever-after they once believed would be theirs?

My Review

I just love a bookstore setting in a contemporary romance! While I didn't relate to Hadley's strong personality and defensive reactions, I admired her resolve to be true to herself and seek a different lifestyle than her family's.The author does a good job of showing rather than telling, like when Hadley inviting her family over for Thanksgiving dinner shows how she still yearns for their approval and unconditional love, even though she no longer expects it from them. Fletcher has a compassionate heart and is the type of guy who needs to be needed. He's a fixer. It was pretty fun to watch he and Hadley up in arms and awkward with each other before softening and falling for each other all over again, but this time with maturity and communication on their side.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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