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Friday, January 27, 2017

Review & Giveaway: Petticoat Spy by Carol Warburton

Heidi Reads... Petticoat Spy by Carol Warburton

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Colonial Massachusetts, 1775

Abigail Stowell is a rarity for her time. The comely young woman is educated, outspoken, and attuned to the charged political climate around her. She is a staunch Patriot. In short, she is a rebel. So when Gideon Whitlock, an avowed Tory, rides into her village, Abby is not only put off by his politics and arrogance but is also annoyed by her undeniable attraction to him.

When she observes a clandestine meeting between her Patriot father and Gideon, Abby soon realizes that in a world divided by loyalties, not everything is as it seems. Soon she is drawn deeper into political intrigue than she ever dreamed possible. And just as feelings begin to heat up between Abby and Gideon, the shot heard round the world ignites the beginning of war between the colonists and the British redcoats. There is no time for hesitation, and Abby finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue, treachery, and terror. Lives hang in the balance, and Abby will stop at nothing to support the Patriot movement—but will her allegiance to the cause mean losing the man she loves?

My Review

Whenever I read a good book set in Colonial times it makes me feel patriotic and humbled by the men and women who lived during such a turbulent and important era, participating in the formation of our country and fighting for liberty. Petticoat Spy has a strong heroine who is passionate for the cause, and learning to balance speaking out for her convictions with maintaining a ladylike demeanor and schooling her mind to bring honor to her family name. Although Abby has an impetuous nature, she is intelligent and grows throughout the story from her experiences. I liked Gideon from the start and how he admires Abby even when she is at odds with him. There is a suspenseful tension as the danger increases, yet the author weaves in a sweet romance between the two patriots, however inopportune the circumstances. I really loved the historical details that enhanced the setting and gave me a feeling of being there with the characters. Highly recommend to fans of historical fiction and those who enjoyed the books of Amber Lynn Perry and Ann Rinaldi!