Saturday, October 28, 2017

Review: Saving Sycamore Bay by Cami Checketts

Heidi Reads... Saving Sycamore Bay by Cami Checketts

My rating: 2 stars / It was okay


A football hero. A southern belle in need. Can they rescue her home together? 

Harrison Jackson graduated from Auburn University with his master's in accounting and thought he was leaving the world of college football and adoring fans to crunch numbers and make money. Little did he know his boss has other plans for him--a beautiful southern belle and her family's mansion that are both in need of rescue and more than a little TLC.

Grace Addison lost her mother and daddy within a year of each other, she is not going to lose the only home her family has known. Her ex-boyfriend and lawyer are trying to talk her into selling and she has no money to fight anyone, but she has her determination and her pride. When the most handsome and strong-looking man she's ever seen shows up on her doorstep, claiming he's been sent to help her, she thinks he's salvation and an angel combined. When she finds out he's an accountant, she laughs in his face.

Someone is determined to take or burn Grace's home no matter how hard she and Harrison fight. Can she trust Harrison to protect her or should she give up her dreams?

My Review

This story has a promising premise, but I just could not get through it easily. I liked Harrison's character and the way he is such a gentleman, but Grace was such a spaz, and not in a cute way. The romance happened way too fast and I didn't feel any real connection between them. I thought it was irrational that Grace was sad and upset that Harrison came because his boss asked him to, but since they were complete strangers, why else would he be there? Her childhood friend that keeps coming on too strong was over the top and made me want to roll my eyes. I guess I'm a fan of more subtlety in villains. There was also a lot of repetition of why Grace's situation was so impossible and I found myself skimming to get to the parts where the plot moved forward.

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