Friday, October 20, 2017

Review: Mending Fences by Lorin Grace

Heidi Reads... Mending Fences by Lorin Grace

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it


The fence that once brought them together now keeps them apart.

Mandy needs one last photo to complete her MFA project, digitally transforming the deteriorating Crawford mansion into the stately building it could have been. But a fence stands in her way.

Determined to keep land developers and paparazzi from his great-grandfather’s estate, Daniel Crawford has taken to chasing off intruders by any means possible. No one is going to cross the fence into his land. Or his heart.

My Review

I enjoyed this story for the most part, there was some great back and forth between Mandy and Daniel. I just wished there was more that they based their relationship on than one summer spent together as children and two or so dates as adults. It felt underdeveloped and I think their relationship would have felt more substantial if there had just been... more. It was the details that made this story stand out to me- the house of artists with each kitchen cupboard featuring a different painting from the masters, the chalkboard in the basement for visitors to sign, the creativity of Mandy's MFA project. Mandy's friend and housemate Candace was also a fun supporting character and I felt like I was able to see more between the two of them than Mandy and Daniel.

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