Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Review & Giveaway: The Song of Copper Creek by Kristen McKendry

Heidi Reads... The Song of Copper Creek by Kristen McKendry

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing



It’s been more than a year since she lost her family—a tragedy that has left Grace Whitaker a shadow of her former self. Unable to move on surrounded by so many memories, she makes the desperate decision to return to her childhood home in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. There she hopes to salvage the broken pieces of her life—but what she finds is the promise of peace and healing in an unlikely place. Copper Creek Farm is part of a Canadian historical museum, offering glimpses into nineteenth-century pioneer life. Yet the farm offers much more than that—it is a place of second chances. For Grace, the opportunity to work the land alongside the loving Whelan family is the first step toward healing. But she isn’t the only broken soul seeking hope on the farm. Grace is joined by a young man in trouble with the law, as well as the Whelans’ son and grandchildren, who are struggling through their own heartbreak. Together, these survivors discover the strength that can be found in friendship. But when faced with the uncertainty of the future, will they have the courage to move beyond the past to forge new lives for themselves?

My Review

Such a lovely book! Even though it's more women's fiction with just a hint of romance, it was an absolute pleasure to read! (So don't let the lack of romance deter you!) It seems I've been reading quite a few books lately where the characters are dealing with grief, and I was impressed with how much grace and dignity this book had in comparison. Perhaps because the characters aren't so young, perhaps because the time period is several months after the tragedy. There is a beautiful poem that Grace is inspired by as it expresses the devastation of loss, and also the journey into accepting a new life. While Grace is still experiencing deep feelings of grief, she is also striving to take those first steps into beginning again, coming back to life herself. The hard work of the farm and the nurturing of plants is portrayed beautifully yet realistically as it plays a cathartic role in the lives of Grace and others who are struggling. It made me want to throw on a pair of gloves and dig in the dirt of my own garden! I loved how the caring friendships Grace embraces help support her in her new path of recovery. The tender moments brought tears to my eyes, and the hope and faith enriched by the farm and its loving inhabitants made me just feel good while reading. Highly recommend!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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