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Review & Giveaway: So Pure a Heart by Amber Lynn Perry

Heidi Reads... So Pure a Heart by Amber Lynn Perry

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Since the night her dear uncle gave his life for hers, Hannah Young is determined to risk everything by spying for the Patriots in order to seek retribution against the British soldier who killed him. But when her former love, Joseph Wythe, insists on ensuring her safety, she must decide if the vengeance she seeks is worth the danger of his nearness. For the love she once felt is liable to grow deeper and more threatening to her heart than it ever was before.

Leaving his young ward to join the fight for liberty is the hardest thing Joseph Wythe has ever done. Nearly. The most difficult happened ten years past, which he tries his best forget. Seeing Hannah Young again after all this time does something frightening and wonderful to his soul. Though her determination to spy for the Patriots is honorable and brave, he will never allow her to take such a risk without him to protect her, no matter how she protests—and no matter how he knows he will ache all the more for the thing he always wanted and still could never have.

My Review

I've loved the Daughters in His Kingdom series, and this book is a perfect addition as the memorable characters become involved in the Revolutionary War and fight for liberty and independence. The tension and suspense is seriously ramped up in this book since the two main characters, Hannah and Joseph, are involved in espionage and the risks are greater than ever. I absolutely loved the setting and era, and reading this story made me want more- to find some real life accounts of Patriots to study. The language the author uses for her characters and narration reflects the era while still remaining easy to understand. I believe that plays a large part in feeling transported to the time and place of the story, and I felt an instant connection to the characters and their strong emotions during such a turbulent time. The romantic tension between Hannah and Joseph is off the hook and while their bittersweet past brings plenty of angst, there are also  moments and scenes of sweetness and happiness from their relationship. I feel like the message of patriotism and taking a stand for what we believe is more pertinent than ever in our day, and I appreciate the profound thoughts of the characters as they discover what the cause means to them and what they are willing to risk for it.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

About the Author

A Pacific Northwest native, Amber Lynn Perry lives in Washington state with her husband and two daughters. She studied humanities at Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree focused on art history. As a homeschooling mom, Amber spends much of her time teaching everything from Shakespeare to science.

When she isn’t crafting with her kids, making dinner or driving to dance classes, Amber is either reading or writing about her favorite time in American history. The Revolutionary era has captured her imagination from the time she was in middle school. Through her books, Amber hopes to not only give readers a glimpse into the past, but to instill in them a lasting love of liberty.


Happy Independence Day! Amber is generously providing a print copy of So Pure a Heart to give away to one of our commenters! Be sure to enter using the Giveaway Tools widget and increase your chances of winning by following and sharing the giveaway on social media!

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