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Review: Never Forget by Jody Hedlund

Heidi Reads... Never Forget by Jody Hedlund

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Rose Island Lighthouse, Rhode Island
June 1880

Will she betray his trust to stay on the island she loves?

Abbie Watson is content to spend her days clamming, crabbing, and tending Rose Island Lighthouse. Her grandpa is the head light keeper, but his senility may lead to their eviction. Since leaving the island would kill her beloved Gramps, Abbie will do anything to keep him in the one place he knows and loves.

Wealthy Nathaniel Winthrop III’s wild living has gained him a reputation as the ‘bad boy’ among the elite social circles of Newport. After a blow to the head in a yachting accident washes him up on Rose Island, Nathaniel has no memories of his past.

Abbie tends the wounded stranger in her home only to realize he assumes they’re married. Although she knows she needs to correct Nathaniel’s mistake, his presence calms Gramps and provides a way to prevent eviction from the lighthouse.

The longer the charade continues, the harder it gets for Abbie to tell Nathaniel the truth, more so as she begins to fall in love. Everyone she’s ever loved has abandoned her. Will Nathaniel leave her too, once he discovers he’s not really her husband?

My Review

Boy, does this story give its characters quite a dilemma! I was initially disappointed in Abbie's choice to deceive Nathaniel, and was surprised that she easily dismissed any concern for his family. However as she got to know Nathaniel she started exhibiting more feelings of conflict over her decision and taking his happiness into consideration. I admired Nathaniel's thoughtful insights and determination to use his second chance at life to become a better man. He developed a relationship with Abbie's Gramps and treated him compassionately, which spoke to his true character. There was strong romantic chemistry between Abbie and Nathaniel; he appreciated Abbie's strength and inner beauty, while Abbie realized that the goodness and kindness of Nathaniel showed how different he was from her former husband. The threats from a rival lightkeeper and a looming deadline kept the tension high as Abbie is desperate to find a way to prove that she can manage the lighthouse so she can keep Gramps on the island, all the while dreading the day she would have to reveal the truth to Nathaniel. Some of the twists kept me guessing how the story would end, but don't worry, this amazing series dedicated to female lighthouse keepers ends with a happily ever after in its final book.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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