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Review: So Rare a Gift by Amber Lynn Perry

I'm excited to announce that the author Amber Lynn Perry will be sharing a guest post with us tomorrow (8/18) about the setting of her books and a *giveaway* so be sure to check back for this special feature!!!

 Heidi Reads... So Rare a Gift by Amber Lynn Perry

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Escape is Anna Rone’s only option. Never again will she be trapped in a loveless marriage. A new life in America means safety—and discovering the truth behind her beloved brother’s death. But when she is nearly captured and forced to return to England, her vow to never marry for anything but love is forgotten when she must marry for protection. Perhaps the handsome man she accepts is truly as caring as he seems. If he is not, her future in America is darker than ever before. 

Captain Henry Donaldson aided the colonists too many times. And now, the British army intends to make him pay with his life. Without his friends in Sandwich, he would be a dead man. He’s already changed his name, and when the kind, courageous woman he rescued offers to become his bride, he accepts despite the risks. His past taught him that women are not to be trusted and that love can cut deeper than the sword. Only time will reveal if this choice will bring the greatest pain he’s ever known.

My Review

Tensions are at an all-time high as the Revolutionary War gets underway in So Rare a Gift. Instead of a history lesson of battles and politics, we are treated to an intimate story of two individuals who are in the midst of their own trials during this turbulent period, being hunted by personal adversaries. Anna and Henry both have reasons to disdain marriage, but the characteristics they witness in each other give them hope that their situations can be redeemed if they unite forces. I loved how they grew closer together as they supported, protected, and even surprised each other. They share several sweet moments as their attraction and passion grows even though their marriage is one of convenience. They both quickly become loyal to the Patriot cause and do what they can to aid the citizens in nearby towns who are being persecuted. My favorite quote from the book is one that I feel applies to us today as well as we take a stand for what we believe is right:

"There will come a time when we will be called upon to act in defense of the cause we believe in. That time has come, and we were made for it."

The suspense is heightened as the perspective of the men stalking Henry and Anna is shown briefly throughout the book and the action is steadily brought to a climax. The couples from the previous books in the series are present as friends of Henry but this can easily be read as a stand alone. I recommend reading them all though for maximum enjoyment ;) This is a book that will be loved by fans of historical fiction and inspirational romance! I was also thrilled to learn that the author has two more books planned for the series and I can't wait to see what is in store for the characters during this amazing time in our country's history.

(Thank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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