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Guest Post & Giveaway! Amber Lynn Perry and her latest book, So Rare a Gift!

A special welcome to Amber Lynn Perry, author of the Daughters of His Kingdom series (one of my favorite series!) Since her books have such a great historical setting, I asked her to share with us about the location she chose as the haven for her characters... 

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Heidi!! What an honor to be able to do a guest post, on Heidi Reads!! I’ve been a huge fan for a very long time, as you know. ;)  Thank you so much for having me, and for allowing me to share a little bit about my books…

Today, I’m talking about my favorite place in the world—Sandwich, MA!! (Do I see some raised eyebrows out there? *giggle* ) There is in fact a town, on Cape Cod, called Sandwich—named after the Earl of Sandwich, as you could probably surmise. I tell you, it is heaven on earth. For me, anyway. It’s beautiful and quaint and so full of wonderful history I get giddy just thinking about it.  

Allow me to elaborate.

Founded only seventeen years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod. When I first visited there nearly twenty years ago, I was struck by the beauty of it—the shingle-sided homes (many with historical plaques by their doors); the thick trees that lined the roads and the quaint, perfectly picturesque shops and restaurants that dotted the town’s little main street.  

Upon starting my Daughters of His Kingdom series, I knew I wanted to set my story in New England, but didn’t want to focus on the already-so-well-known Boston—even though I *love* that place as well. Immediately, the memories of that little coastal town sparked in my memory and I knew it was the perfect setting for my characters to come to life. 

Sixty miles south of Boston, Sandwich is located right on the water, but being it is much smaller than Boston, it doesn’t have the large port and shipping industry that its big brother to the north has always attracted. 

Mainly agrarian, Sandwich residents were of the middling to poorer classes, and though it was far removed from the heated debates of upper Massachusetts, it was a hot-bed of political fervor—Whigs and Tories living side by side, both fighting (or not fighting) for what they believed in. It’s incredible to think that a quiet vacation town was once a vital part of the fight for America’s independence.

Many of the places and landmarks mentioned in my stories actually exist. Newcomb Tavern was once in fact a tavern owned by a Tory. (If you have read SO TRUE A LOVE than you will know more about that!) Today you can find it on and stay there on your next vacation! I so badly want to do that someday.  Shawme Pond and the Gristmill are actual places as well. The gristmill, operating since 1652, STILL grinds corn to this day, though you can only buy the cornmeal during certain times of the year. Bummer. (They weren’t selling it when I was there, or I’d have bought the lot! LOL) 

Have you ever been to Cape Cod? What did you think of it? I’d love to know!

Thank you again for having me, Heidi!!!

Thanks Amber! I'm totally planning a trip to the East Coast sooner rather than later now! The history is fascinating and the scenery looks amazing!

Amber is giving away a digital copy So Rare a Gift, the third book in the Daughters in His Kingdom series! 

It can definitely be read as a stand alone so don't worry if you haven't had a chance to read So Fair a Lady or So True a Love (both are excellent and have great e-book prices! The print books are on my wishlist for my personal library... check out those beautiful covers!)

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