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Review & Giveaway: The Beautiful Balance by Michelle Wilson

Heidi Reads... The Beautiful Balance by Michelle Wilson

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Whether in your family, your ward, or your community, you’ve observed them: those noble individuals who are strong, patient, and stalwart in the face of adversity. When times are tough, how do they manage the challenging shift from victim to victor? Chances are they have figured out the balance of control—what they have charge of and what is in the Lord’s hands.

Trying to manage the ups and downs of life can feel overwhelming, but fortunately we’re not alone on this journey. With inspiring doctrinal insights and a healthy dose of humor, author Michelle Wilson inspires readers to let go of fear and find peace, even in the midst of lost jobs, health challenges, or everyday chaos at home. In a world that seems so tempestuous, The Beautiful Balance is a sweet reminder of exactly what we can control—ourselves—and what God controls—all the rest.

My Review

The Beautiful Balance is an inspiring and helpful book written with LDS (Mormon) readers in mind, but other Christian faiths can definitely appreciate the insight and wisdom the author shares. I found myself highlighting several passages and quotes that resonated with me. I highly recommend his book and plan to refer to it over and over as I continue to seek a more balanced life.

The book is written in two parts: claiming personal control, and giving the rest to God. She breaks down the concept of self-control into four aspects- control over our priorities, actions, attitude, and beliefs. I especially appreciated how the author explored the subtle differences between them and it was easy to apply each to my own life. Other topics examined are what's behind the quest for control, and the distinction between influence and control.

In the second part, the difficult task of letting go is handled reminders of God's nature- full of compassion, love, and grace as well as expectations of faith and obedience. My favorite part was the importance of seeking and receiving personal revelation, refocusing and aligning our desires with God's in "the perfect companionship". The ultimate blessing of a balanced life is peace. "We think we want control, but what we really want is peace." When we understand that we control ourselves and trust in the Lord to take care of the rest, we can have peace through our trials and adversity and the power to overcome them.

While her own experiences and struggles are a major part of the narrative, the author also explains other personality types and includes anecdotes for them as well. There are examples from members of her family and those she has come to know in church and life. She includes inspiring quotes from real-life heroes such as Elizabeth Smart, Viktor E. Frankel, modern-day prophets and apostles, plenty of stories from the scriptures, and best of all, words from our Savior Jesus Christ.

(Thank you to Covenant Communications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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