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Review: Something Borrowed by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Forsaking all others...

Gage Trembath is getting married. He is the only one who knows it, but the statement is true nonetheless. The woman he had once loved has been married elsewhere for a time, and he can put off his own marriage no longer. The woman he has chosen to marry, without love, is sensible, quiet, musical, and amenable, which should enable him to have a good marriage and a content life. That is all he wants now, and Honora Berkeley makes the most sense.

Honora cannot believe that a handsome and wealthy man like Gage has any interest at all in marrying her, even without love. She has certainly very little to recommend her, but escaping her life of criticism and abandonment is something she cannot resist. But what about the woman Gage had once loved? The one who was perfect for him and the one who made him determined to abandon love? Are his feelings for her truly gone? Will Honora ever have his affection along with his respect?

My Review

I was so happy to see these two make a match, but disappointed that Gage went into the marriage with unresolved baggage from his previous experience. This is a bit of a marriage of convenience for Honoria since it gets her away from her abusive family, but her feelings naturally grow swiftly for such a considerate gentleman. Their individual hangups provide the conflict in their relationship- Gage thinking he will never love again, and Honoria completely insecure about his affections. I was glad they had the support of their friends and family- the characters from the previous books- that helped them along their bumpy road to happily-ever-after.

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