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Blog Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Fall When You're Ready by Jennifer Carr

Fall When You're Ready JustRead Blog Tour

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About the Book

Fall When You're Ready

Title: Fall When You're Ready
Real American Country #1 
Jennifer Carr
 JCarr Writes
Release Date:
February 1, 2024
Contemporary Clean Romance

Rachel never wanted to get in the way of Jordan’s dreams, but they were supposed to chase their dreams together. They made promises and swore to remain best friends through it all. But, just as all good things must come to an end, it would seem that applies to promises as well. When Rachel and Jordan end up on separate paths toward their own versions of success, they each learn the hard way that letting go is easier than it sounds. But when those paths bring them both home, all of those promises come flooding back and they have to decide whether it’s worth the risk to reopen the chapter they closed on their story so long ago.  


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Guest Post from Author Jennifer Carr

In the past I viewed dreams as mountains to be conquered, with a single-minded focus that left little room for anything else. I believed, like many do, that to achieve greatness or to realize a lifelong ambition, one must sacrifice other aspects of life, including relationships. There's a certain allure to this path – it's the narrative of many a success story we hear. But life, in its infinite wisdom, taught me that this route comes with its own set of challenges.

I've seen friends and acquaintances choose their dreams over their partners, a decision that often led them to unparalleled heights in their careers. Yet, in quiet moments, they shared their longing for a companion to share these successes with - a reminder of the emotional support and connection that was sacrificed along the way. This path, I've realized, is one of profound personal achievements but also of introspection about what we truly value.

Conversely, I've witnessed and even experienced the beauty and complexity of pursuing dreams while securely anchored in a loving relationship. This journey is not without its trials – it requires a delicate dance of balance, understanding, and sometimes, sacrifice. Yet, it's a path that enriches both the dream and the relationship. There's a unique strength found in the support of a partner who cheers you on, who becomes a part of your dreams just as you become a part of theirs.

At this stage in my life, I understand that neither path is inherently better than the other; they are simply different. The choice between pursuing a dream at the expense of a relationship, or trying to balance both, is deeply personal. It's a decision that should be made with a clear understanding of what you hold dear, what makes you feel fulfilled, and how you define success and happiness.

Looking back, it’s glaringly obvious that each choice we make in this regard shapes us in unexpected and often beautiful ways. It's not just about the achievements or the relationships we nurture; it's about the person we become in the process. Whether we choose to focus exclusively on our dreams or intertwine them with our relationships, each path offers its own lessons, joys, and challenges.

In my own journey, I've learned that life is not just about reaching a destination. It's about the experiences we gather, the love we give and receive, and the dreams we chase. And so, to those standing at this crossroads, I say: Trust your heart, embrace your choice, and let it guide you through this incredible journey of life. Whichever path you choose, it will shape you, teach you, and leave you richer in experience and wisdom.

About the Author

Jennifer Carr

A wife, mom, author, marriage and family counselor, a former AP Psychology teacher, and a podcaster, Jennifer Carr draws from her life experiences and imagination to connect with her readers and listeners through the written and spoken word.

Married to her childhood best friend and the mom of a creative daughter, Jennifer enjoys a quiet life on their farm in Alabama. 

When she’s not wearing one of her many hats, you’ll find her tucked away with a book and what's likely her third coffee of the day. 

Connect with Jennifer by visiting to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates. 


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