Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Review: Wagon Train Reunion by Linda Ford

My rating: 2 stars / It was okay


Second-Chance Courtship

Abigail Black had no choice but to break Ben Hewitt's heart years ago. Her parents had picked another, wealthier groom. Now widowed and destitute, she's desperate to leave her old life behind. The wagon-train journey to Oregon is full of dangers, but she'll face anything--even Ben--for a fresh start.

Ben knows better than to trust Abby again. Between her family's snobbery and his family's protectiveness, avoiding her should be easy. Yet he's still moved by Abby's sweetness and beauty…along with a sadness and strength he never noticed in her before. Forgiving past wrongs would be a struggle--but the hardest struggle would be letting Abby go once more.

Journey West: Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Trail 

My Review

I typically enjoy wagon train stories- I love the pioneering spirit of those who crossed the plains in search of new opportunities. The characters in this book are strong, but conflicted. Ben is one of the leaders of the wagon train, but finds himself distracted by his former love and her family. He rehashes over and over again in his mind why she rejected him and how he is over her and needs to avoid her. His sister Rachel worries about him being hurt by Abby again- and is extremely repetitive on this point. Abby seems to know her own mind but feels guilt over her twin brother's death, and punishes herself by bowing to her tyrant mother's demands. She constantly thinks about her regret for rejecting Ben and obeying her mother to marry for money, only to discover the cruelty of her husband. I liked the characters, but the repetition of their thoughts and narrative bogged down the pace and made me lose interest.

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