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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Cast the First Stone by David James Warren

Cast the First Stone JustRead Blog + Review Tour 

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From the creative pens of USA Today bestselling author Susan May Warren, award-winning author James L. Rubart, and new voice, David Curtis Warren, writing collectively as David James Warren.

Cast the First Stone Title: Cast the First Stone
Series: The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone #1
Author: David James Warren
Publisher: TriStone Media
Release Date: February 8, 2021
Genre: Time Travel Detective Series One case haunts him. One chance to fix the past. One mistake could cost him everything. 

Ex-Minneapolis Police Detective Rembrandt Stone walked away from a career he loved—just the price of being sure he can come home to the wife and daughter he cherishes. But he can’t shake the deep regret over a case left behind. 

When his mentor, the former Chief of Homicide dies and leaves Rembrandt with a box of cold cases and a mysterious watch, he finds himself thrust into a world he recognizes—a world from twenty years ago—the same world he’s woken from in a cold sweat a hundred times. But is it a dream, or some kind of twisted reality? 

If he solves the case that plagues him, and justice is finally served, will it destroy the life he loves? 

Strap in for a mind-bending, time travel thrill ride in Book One of this riveting new series, The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone.

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The door opens, and I’m sized up by an elderly gentlemen, so thin his bones protrude from a lined, saggy face. Fraying white hair, gnarled hands, but his eyes bore through me as if, once up on a time, he was somebody that understood what trouble looked like.

Or maybe that’s just the bars on the door telling his story. Still, my instincts kick in and give me the weirdest sense that I’ve just walked into my destiny.


I can’t tell if he’s annoyed or intrigued, so I offer my name, adding, “I was sent here by the Vintage Watch shop guy in Uptown.”

He frowns.

“I was hoping…” I pull out the watch.

He stretches out a hand, through the bars, and I hesitate only a moment before dropping it into his grip.

He comes alive as he runs his thumb over the inscription, not unlike I’ve found myself doing. He fiddles with the dial, then with a quickness that startles me, shuts the door.


“Hey!” I grab the bars, knock on the door, but it’s locked. I lay on the doorbell. “Give

me my watch back!”

I’m debating circling around the back when the door pops open and Grandpa is back, holding my watch, a stethoscope hanging from his ears.


He’s listening to the watch as if it might have a heartbeat. I stand there awkwardly, waiting for the prognosis.

This is stupid.

But when he hands the watch back to me, I’m oddly hopeful. Until, “There’s nothing wrong with the watch.”

Here we go again. “What are you talking about? It doesn’t work, see?” I do a demonstration for him, winding the dial, holding it up so he can see the dead-in-their- tracks hands. “Nothing moves.”

Grandpa has removed his stethoscope, draping it around his neck. He looks at me with a sort of shake of his head. “The watch is working exactly as it is intended. Didn’t anyone show you how to use it?”

I blink at the old man. “No. Actually, I sort of inherited it.”

One untrimmed eyebrow goes up. “Certainly you’ve seen it used.”

This rocks me back. “Of course. It was…well, my boss had it, and he gave it to me when he died. But he wore it for years.”

This has elicited a response, something of understanding because Grandpa is

nodding. “I see.”

“But I don’t!”

“Just use it like you saw him use it, and it will do its job.” “It doesn’t work! It’s job is to tell the freakin’ time!”

“You are not wrong.” And with that Grandpa closes the door.

Leaving me to stand on the steps in hot sun.

Copyright: TriStone Media Group, LLC





James L. Rubart, Susan May Warren, David Curtis Warren 

James L. Rubart is 28 years old, but lives trapped inside an older man’s body. He’s the best-selling, Christy Hall of Fame author of ten novels and loves to send readers on mind-bending journeys they’ll remember months after they finish one of his stories. He’s dad to the two most outstanding sons on the planet and lives with his amazing wife on a small lake in eastern Washington. More at

CONNECT WITH JAMES: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Twitter

Susan May Warren is the USA Today bestselling, Christy and RITA award–winning author of more than eighty novels whose compelling plots and unforgettable characters have won acclaim with readers and reviewers alike. The mother of four grown children, and married to her real-life hero for over 30 years, she loves traveling and telling stories about life, adventure and faith. For exciting updates on her new releases, previous books, and more, visit her website at

CONNECT WITH SUSAN: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Twitter 

David Curtis Warren is making his literary debut in these novels, and he’s never been more excited. He looks forward to creating more riveting stories with Susie and Jim, as well as on his own. He’s grateful for his co-writers, family, and faith, buoying him during the pandemic of 2020, and this writing and publishing process.




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