Monday, February 3, 2020

Review & Giveaway: Adoring Abigail by Chalon Linton

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Captain Robert Wilkins has never aspired to grandeur. So when the returned war hero unexpectedly inherits the vast estate of Cattersley from his great-aunt, he feels woefully inadequate in his new role. Out of place in his lavish surroundings, his first glimmer of hope comes when he happens upon a lovely trespasser in his gardens.

Words have never come easily for Abigail Rutherford, and she prefers the solitude of exploring the gardens at the neighboring country estate to engaging in uncomfortable conversation. But when she unexpectedly encounters Captain Robert Wilkins in her place of solace, she is surprised at the immediate ease she feels in his presence. Soon her brightest moments are those spent with the captain. But even as their friendship grows into something more, outside forces have other plans for the two. Mr. Mead, the handsome vicar, has also taken a liking to the quiet and timid Abigail—and he will stop at nothing to ensure she becomes his wife.

My Review

Adoring Abigail is a quality Regency romance featuring a gentle relationship between Robert and Abigail that blossoms from genuine friendship into something even more special. The settings were easy to envision, from the vast estate Robert inherited, to the meadow and woods, to the cottage where Abigail lives with her grandmother. I enjoy characters that have realistic flaws and struggles, and Abigail having not only a speech impediment, but also a highly critical guardian, made me feel so much empathy for her. Through her circumstances she develops admirable attributes such as compassion and kindness, but it is Robert’s encouraging approval that helps her overcome her timidity and strengthen her courage when faced with her most difficult trial of all. 

Robert is at an important transition point in his life, and while he doesn’t always handle the change gracefully, he is quick to apologize and make things right. I love how he and Abigail bring out the best in each other because they feel safe and accepted for who they really are. The story is well-rounded with the supporting cast of various community members and especially Robert’s sister Hazel, all of whom brought the distinct feeling of country society. The author is skilled at drawing forth emotion while exploring a variety of themes such as gossip, loneliness, hypocrisy, prejudice, friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and triumph over adversity. There is a nice balance of character development, tension, sweetness, and satisfaction. Highly recommend!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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