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Review & Giveaway: Lies We Tell Ourselves by Amy Matayo #LWTO

Heidi Reads... Lies We Tell Ourselves by Amy Matayo

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Presley Waterman is a rescuer: of animals, of businesses, of people. Like the stray cat she's allergic to, but continues to care for. Like her small-town newspaper, a business that’s been dying a slow death for the better part of a decade. And like Micah. Her best friend and the man she has loved since they were kids, back when no one else cared.  

As for him…

Micah Leven loves Presley. She’s the girl who’s always been there to help, the one who knows all the ugly things about him and makes him believe he can be a better man, the one who will never leave because she’s promised over and over. 
But he also loves Mara. 

Mara is his ideal. She’s the dream he conjured up as a boy and never wavered from. She’s beautiful, ambitious, driven, a fellow newscaster at his Atlanta station, and the perfect asset for the life he’s always wanted. Together, they could conquer the world and their respective careers. Even better, with Mara he could prove that he did—in fact—finally amount to something. Maybe then his father would be proud.  

There are just a few things Presley and Micah have both forgotten. One, just because you rescue someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you for it. Two, some dreams disappear when reality wakes you up. Three, the only way to silence lies is to face the truth head-on.

This is the story of the man torn between two existences, the woman who finally took the choice away from him, and what happens when you stop listening to lies once and for all.

Even if the biggest liar is you.

My Review

I was not sure what to expect with this book since the other books I've read from the author have ranged from humorous to raw and gritty, always with a bit of an edge. I'm happy to say that I was sucked in from page one, and a lovely balance was struck between subtle humor, flawed characters with loveable quirks, and a raw vulnerability that brought emotion to the surface, with that trademark edge, of course ;) The manner in which the story is told is creative and unique- the way viewpoints switch, the choice of childhood flashbacks, how the plot twists are revealed, and the longest and best epilogue ever. Seriously, all epilogues may just be ruined for me. (I almost had a heart attack when I swiped to the next page on my Kindle Paperwhite and it said EPILOGUE. Then I glanced down and saw that I was 86% of the way through so there was time for lots more good stuff... unless I was being tricked because there was a crapload of promo stuff at the end... All those thoughts ran through my head in a split second, but I just dove right in and prayed for things to work out! And it was executed excellently; I was filled with anticipation and suspense).

Even though I didn't like the way Micah often treated Presley, it was hard to be mad at him because the author skillfully allows the reader to witness the emotional abuse from his childhood and teenage years, which makes it easier to understand his fears about his relationship with her and why his priorities are so screwed up. Woven in is the foundation of their friendship and the admirable qualities about him that made me not question why Presley loves him or puts up with him. It was also hard to want Presley to do what she needed to do for her own emotional health and sanity, because you don't want anyone to ever leave him again- you know what that would do to him. The dynamics of their friendship were slowly revealed by showing the spectrum of conflict, loyalty, desperation, humor, attraction, angst, and hope. (As a side note, I have to say it was gratifying for therapy and counseling to be portrayed in such a positive and helpful light. Eliminating the stigma will go a long way in more people reaching out for the help that they need and is available). This book is unforgettable with its deep and profound thoughts as Presley and Micah sort through their past, present, and futures to discover what the lies are and how to empower themselves to take hold of the truth. As I finished the book and experienced a satisfying book hangover, thinking about what I just read prompted self-reflection of some of the lies I tell myself and by recognizing them as such, I felt encouraged to take action and not let them hold me back from accomplishing my goals anymore. It actually felt therapeutic and pretty great to have that mental breakthrough with something I've been struggling with.

Highly recommend!!!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)


I loved this book so much I want *everyone* to read it! I'm going to personally buy and give away a Kindle e-book of Lies We Tell Ourselves, just enter in the widget below.

Check out some more amazing books from author Amy Matayo . . . the ones below I have read but she has several more that I'm itching to get to! #mustreadallthebooks

Heidi Reads... The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo


Baseball star Will Vandergriff knows any number of women who would happily pretend to be his girlfriend. In a last-ditch effort to restore his good standing with his team’s higher-ups, he enlists the help of his neurotic, goody-goody neighbor. Schoolteacher Olivia Pratt might be a bit quirky and a bit of a loner, but she’s a lot more inviting than she knows. Will hopes that bringing her to his next game might revamp his reckless reputation and help get his career back on track. The only problem? The plan works a little too well. Not only do the higher-ups love Olivia, but Will plays his best game yet. Suddenly his losing streak is a thing of the past, and Olivia is his new good-luck charm. Will feels anything but lucky.

After years of keeping the world at bay, Olivia Pratt is pulling off the ultimate performance—not only reluctantly posing as Will’s girlfriend but also insisting that she’s oblivious to his major-league appeal. But she can only lie to herself for so long. Being by Will’s side feels good. Really good. Maybe it’s finally time to make a pitch for everything she really wants—and to find out just how exhilarating love can be.

Heidi Reads... In Tune With Love by Amy Matayo


April is willing to do anything for her sister’s wedding—until she comes face to face with a guy from her past.

April Quinn is thrilled to be her sister’s maid of honor, until the wedding coordinator quits and the responsibilities get dumped on her. It’s April’s worst nightmare—especially since her sister has more objections and opinions than a lawyer presenting a high-profile court case. When the wedding singer walks out at the last-minute, her sister hires a replacement. When April finds out who the replacement is, she’s ready to call it quits as well.
Because there’s only one person in April’s past that she never wanted to see again, and her sister just handed him a front row seat to the wedding.

Jack Vaughn finally has the career he’s always wanted. After playing in bars and singing in weddings as a struggling musician for half a decade, he’s just released his second album and sales are skyrocketing. But while visiting his parent’s Nashville home the weekend before his first headline tour, he runs into an old friend. When she asks him for a last-minute favor, he can’t bring himself to say no. Even though saying yes means he has to come face to face with April Quinn—the girl who hasn’t spoken to him in years.

And rightly so, since he stole something from her that he’ll never be able to repay.

Heidi Reads... The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo


His music holds the heart of America... but his soul holds a terrible secret.

Chart topping pop musician Cory Minor has it all—fame, money, more women at his disposal than time to spend on them. He’s living the life most American men only dream of. Until an ordinary concert in Springfield threatens to destroy everything he’s worked for. 

As he and his band leave the arena for his next show, Cory’s tour bus crashes into two teenage girls, killing one girl instantly and leaving the other barely clinging to life. Lawsuits are threatened, tabloids are talking, and Cory’s idyllic world falls apart. But what no one knows is that this scene is all too familiar. Because this isn’t the first accident Cory has caused. This isn’t the first time he’s destroyed someone else’s life to save his own. 

It’s just the first time he’s had to face it head on. 

Small town girl Samantha Dalton has no one—no mother, no father, and now no sister. She’s lost everything in a world that celebrates excess. So when Cory Minor shows up at her doorstep offering money and apologies, she turns him away too. You can’t lose what you don’t have, and she can’t take another letdown, especially not from someone who has managed to rip away all she had left. Samantha has been fine on her own for years, she’ll be fine now too. 

At least that’s what she tells herself. 

But Cory won’t leave. He’s persistent in the worst possible way. 

Will Cory’s determination to make things right pay off in the end, or will Sam keep pushing him away until there’s nothing left to fight for? How can two people learn to rely on each other when life keeps hurting them both?

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