Saturday, September 22, 2018

#FallIntoBooks #TearJerker

I absolutely loved the first book in the series, Yesterday's Promise, and fell in love with the two main characters. They have  quite a bit of hardships and struggles in this second book, and emotions were flying high! Since I felt such a connection to Collin and Katie I was definitely moved to tears as I read the twists and turns their journey took.

Heidi Reads... A Promise for Tomorrow by Michele Paige Holmes


Scottish Highlands, 1700s:

Barely two weeks have passed since Laird Collin MacDonald first darkened Katherine Mercer’s doorstep and married her. Marriage has hardly been what she expected, given their grueling and adventurous days of travel to the Scottish Highlands. Along with the discovery that Collin’s twin Ian would like to see her dead, Katie must now face her own clan, whose chief wants to kill Collin and take her to wife himself. All because Katie possesses the Campbell gift of sight, passed down through centuries of her ancestors.

With little more than faith in her grandfather’s vision and her unique bond with Collin to guide her, Katie steps bravely into an unknown future, where the glimpses afforded her may bring more danger than direction. When the misuse of her gift takes Collin from her side, she is left alone and vulnerable. Help arrives in the most unexpected form as Ian MacDonald makes good on his threat to attack the Campbells and Katie learns that the bond between brothers and love knows no bounds.

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