Monday, September 21, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Heart's Journey by Kristen McKendry

Heidi Reads... Heart's Journey by Kristen McKendry

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Adventure is in her blood, so when wealthy eighteen-year-old Rachel Hamilton’s treasure hunting father disappears in the wilderness of British Columbia, she considers only one course of action: she will embark on a quest to find him. But for a well bred woman with little understanding of the world beyond her upper class existence, the harsh realities of the trail quickly become apparent. Woefully unprepared for the hardships of crossing a wild and unsettled continent, Rachel is hungry, lost, and distraught when handsome frontiersman Peter finds her in the middle of nowhere. Taking pity on the downtrodden young woman, Peter promises to escort her to the safety of civilization. Little does he realize he’s taking on a naïve and foolishly brave girl who will test the limits of his patience. But he also discovers the same naïve girl will blossom into a strong, competent, and captivating woman as they undertake an epic journey that will forever alter both their lives.

My Review

Heart's Journey is a wonderful book with characters that come alive and a well-paced adventure through the wilds of Canada. There are some harrowing moments, but what I loved was how Rachel slowly grew as she is exposed to a whole new world and the people in it, both good and bad. Peter is essential in helping her on this journey, not only physically but mentally as she learns to see things from a new perspective and reconsiders the quick judgements she makes based on her limited upbringing. The families they interact and bond with are endearing and create an excellent cast of secondary characters. The various terrains they travel across are easy to visualize and appreciate in their wild beauty, even through their desperate circumstances. I loved how Rachel came to prefer the freedom of the great outdoors after her body grew acclimated to the tough conditions. The book has the vibe of an epic pioneer trek but with a more unique setting and a variety of interesting subplots. The romance was perfect and enhanced the tale of Rachel's journey rather than becoming the focus of the book. There are great moments between she and Peter as their relationship also undergoes a journey of its own. Highly recommend!

(Thank you to Covenant Communications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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