Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Are You a Bushel or a Candlestick? by Eric D. Richards

Are You a Bushel or a Candlestick?

This is an inspirational talk on CD by a friend I grew up with! He is an amazing man and teacher. It is geared toward teens but can be enjoyed by adults as well, of any Christian denomination. Use Promo code "FALL15" for 25% off at Deseret Book (expires 9/6)

Are You a Bushel or a Candlestick?http://www.amazon.com


Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have been afraid to try? Everyone has unique talents and abilities, and the Lord can use each one, no matter how random it may be. In this inspiring talk, Eric D. Richards shares a message that will motivate listeners to develop their talents so they can bless the lives of others. He says, “The Lord wants us to light the flame of our talent and place it on a candle and then invite the Lord to put it on a candlestick so it can give light to another person’s life. As others look at us and see our good works, they will want to give glory to their Heavenly Father.” With stories from the lives of outstanding Latter-day Saints who have “let their lights shine,” Brother Richards illustrates this message: “Your ability is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God. You may feel invisible or inferior, but you are invaluable to Him. Discover your gifts, let them shine, and watch how the Lord uses your talents to bless others around you.”

About the Author

Brother Richards is here today because two missionaries chose to go tracting one day in San Diego. Later, his own mission began in Honduras and ended in Alabama (due to a bone tumor).  He played water polo and volleyball in college, during which time he met wife Megan as they worked as EFY counselors; the two were married in the San Diego temple and have 4 children.
His current assignment is writing church curriculum in addition to being a Seminary Principal;  in the summertime, he directs at EFY and speaks at BYU Education Week. Also, Deseret Book carries his audio CDs.
Brother Richards loves cooking for people, photography, remote controls, ice cream and iPhones.  He loves connecting with people on Instagram and on his Facebook page.
And, on a side note, he loves chocolate more than most women do.
Most of all, he loves teaching and being with valiant Latter-Day Saints.

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