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Blog Tour, Author Interview & Giveaway: Even If Nothing Else Is Certain by Amy Willoughby-Burle

Even if Nothing Else is Certain JustRead Blog Tour

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About the Book

Even If Nothing Else is Certain

Title: Even If Nothing Else Is Certain 
Love for Certain #2
Amy Willoughby-Burle
Fireship Press
Release Date:
March 27, 2024
Historical Romance (clean)

Even if nothing else is certain … love still is. 

Ruby Foster loves her job as a Pack Horse librarian, but secretly she dreams of being a nurse. Since there are no schools for nursing in the hills of rural Kentucky in 1937, Ruby contents herself with harvesting medicinal plants, delivering her beloved library books, and dreaming. Dreaming mostly of a life that doesn’t leave her living in the past. Until one day she discovers that “past” camped out by the Hell for Certain creek. Could it really be Cole, the one who left her heartbroken so many years ago? Just when she starts to believe in her dreams and hope for love again, Cole reveals his true colors. Or is the truth she sees only another illusion? When nothing else in the world seems certain, can the bonds of friendship bring one searching heart and one lost soul together again?  

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Interview with Author Amy Willoughby-Burle

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I always start out with “I’m a mom.” So… I’m a mom, a teacher, a writer. I grew up in Kure Beach, North Carolina and now live in the mountains of NC just outside Asheville. I’ve got 5 kids. Four that I had by birth and one that God sent to me as a teenage boy. My husband and I met at a writers workshop (Wildacres Writers Workshop) that I’m now the director of some 25 plus years later. I have recently become one of those crazy chicken ladies that you see on Instagram. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did.

What do you do besides writing?

I teach high school literature at a small private school. I spend quite a bit of time cooking, doing laundry, and telling people to brush their teeth at night. I’m often distracted by petting my cats. I love to meet my husband for coffee on a random weekday if we’re both free–I’m out of school and he doesn’t have patients (he’s a chiropractor) for a little bit. I’m in a wonderful book club. I have fantastic friends. I have a wonderful church family. Hmm, I guess the next time I start to complain about something I’ll reread this answer. Life is not too shabby.

What was your favorite part of researching for this book?

I learned so much about medicinal plants as well as the amazing Frontier Nursing Service started by Mary Breckinridge in Hyden, KY. I came across some really cool old medical books that make an appearance in the novel. I learned all about how to run an old-school printing press. I watched so many videos and read so much about those presses that I’m pretty sure if I ever travel back in time and come across one, I could totally use it!

Do you have images you can share that come close to how you picture your characters? Do you like to find visual inspiration for your characters before or during your writing process?

I LOVE to fantasy cast my characters.

For Cole I pictured Benjamin Hollingsworth. Someone with a sweet look about him, but the potential to have some darker places in his heart. Ben is often cast as the spoiled rich guy type for Hallmark. Cole is not that at all, but for some reason his is the face that came to mind. If you’ve seen Virgin River, he’s got a bad boy with a heart of something like gold, LOL, that is somewhat closer to Cole–wants to do the right thing, but keeps getting it wrong.

For Ruby I thought of Jessy Schram (as you can tell, I watch a lot of Hallmark movies) but with unruly brown hair. LOL. I like her spunky appeal and bright smile with the potential to be a bit sassy.

What are some songs that you listened to or inspired you while writing your book?

I have to admit I don’t listen to too much music when I’m writing per se. Especially not music with words because then I start to think about the story of the song and then I’m not paying attention to my story, LOL. But I did keep in my ear some of the folk music from the 1920s and 30s Appalachia. There’s music in the book–Daniel and his brothers-in-law play fiddle and such.

What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book?

I hope readers will take away from the book that it’s not too late to tell the truth, to trust in God and in the people who love you, to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself and the plan that God has in store.

What can we look forward to coming from you in the future?

Book 3! There’s at least one more “season” of this story left to tell. After that–maybe Book 4. We’ll see if the story gets continued (I hope so!) I also have a couple of contemporary novels being shopped around and one book set in the 1970s. I’m not sure if that qualifies as historical yet or not. I’m from the 1970s and sometimes it feels like ages ago and sometimes just yesterday. One way or the next, I’m still writing!

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About the Author

Amy Willoughy-Burle

Amy Willoughby-Burle is an award winning fiction author living in Asheville, NC with her husband and five children. Her fiction focuses on the importance of family and friends and centers on the themes of forgiveness, second chances, and finding the beauty in the world around us. She is the author of the novels The Lemonade Year, The Year of Thorns and Honey, The Other Side of Certain and Even if Nothing Else Is Certain. Her short fiction has been published in numerous journals and in her collection, Out Across the Nowhere. 

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