Monday, August 14, 2023

Review: Iris by Susan May Warren

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Iris Marshall never wanted to be anything more than what she is—an official for the European League of (American) Football. So, why she said yes to being a courier for the CIA? She’s not sure, especially when it lands her in an international thriller that has her on the run from a killer. And worse, the person she’s on the run with? Arrogant, bossy, playboy Hudson Bly football player and the last person on earth she wants to go into hiding with.

Hudson knows his days as a wide-receiver are numbered. Too many head injuries, starting with a violent TBI in college have caught up with him. So yes, he agreed to be a patriot, do his bit for the USA and courier a message between agents. He never expected for that simple act to ignite an international man-hunt for the official who wrecked his life, Iris Marshall. But what’s a guy to do—let her get killed?

But spending time with Iris has ignited a desire in him that takes him by surprise, and for Iris, maybe Hudson is more than she thought.

But who is after Iris? When one of her fellow officials is murdered, maybe the killer is after more than just her—maybe she’s found herself in the middle of an international plot to take down a country.

It’ll take the help of the entire family to keep Iris safe…but at what cost when they have to choose between their careers…and their country?

My Review

The suspense and thrills continue in the fourth book of the Minnesota Marshalls series! Definitely read this series in order since the overarching mystery continues throughout, and the subplot in each book becomes the main plot of the following book. I really like this way of getting to know the Marshall siblings simultaneously as their individual stories weave together. Iris and Hudson get pulled into secret agent work for the CIA in the previous book, which puts a target on their backs. This book picks right up with their escape from a life-threatening situation, and the tension doesn't abate while they seek to discover who is after them while still participating in the football season with Hudson as a player and Iris as an official. I loved how the siblings have each others backs, and work together to fight against their enemies, the threads of each book's plot tightening as the elements of each are tied together. The chemistry between Iris and Hudson didn't feel as strong since so much of their attention is on their careers and the danger. I was happy with the resolution and the way they overcame the obstacles that had prevented them from deepening their relationship. We also get some perspective from Iris's parents as they face a new trial which I'm sure will develop in the next book. 

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The Minnesota Marshalls series

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