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Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Searching for Home by Jill Weatherholt

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Searching for Home
By Jill Weatherholt
Contemporary, Inspirational Romance
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
December 28, 2021 by Love Inspired

When injured professional bull rider Luke Beckett returns to his hometown to recover, he doesn’t expect his B and B host and physical therapist to be his first and only love, Meg Brennan. He’s also unprepared for Meg’s adorable triplets to steal his heart. Luke’s past has him doubting he’s good enough for Meg and the children, but they might be just what the doctor ordered to help him heal…

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“I can pay for six weeks upfront—if that helps.”

It was as if he’d read her mind. She couldn’t do that...could she? No. That might encourage him to stay even longer. Maybe paying for a week at a time would keep his trip shorter than he planned. “That’s not necessary.” Meg pulled her cell phone from the back pocket of her skinny jeans to check the time. Her pulse quickened. “I’ve got to get the kids ready for school. Their bus will be here any minute. If you want to get settled into your room, it’s upstairs—the first door on the left. We can get you signed in later.”

“Sounds good. Thanks again. I know I’m not your first choice for a guest, but I’ll lie low and stay out of your way. In fact, once I put my bag away, I think I’ll go for a long hike in the woods. It’s a beautiful day.”

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. If she could get a few repairs done at no cost, it would certainly help with her cash-flow issues. Just because they’d be under the same roof, it didn’t mean they’d have to see each other every second of the day. Perhaps she could get away with only seeing him at mealtimes. “If you head down toward the larger of the two barns, my brother-in-law made a nice trail. It circles the back of the property. It’s about three miles.”

“That’s exactly what I need. Thanks for the suggestion.” He picked up his luggage and ascended the stairs. At the landing, he paused and turned around, his expression solemn. “I’m sorry for leaving you.” He hesitated.

Was he waiting for her to accept his apology? The hair on the back of her neck tingled. “Let’s leave the past where it belongs.”

With that, Luke turned and headed to his room.

Excerpted from Searching for Home by Jill Weatherholt, Copyright © 2021 by Jill Weatherholt. Published by Love Inspired. 

About the Author

By day, Jill Weatherholt works for the City of Charlotte. At night, and on the weekend, she writes contemporary stories about love, faith and forgiveness for Harlequin Love Inspired. 
Raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., she now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, but her heart belongs to Virginia. 
She holds a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and Paralegal Studies Certification from Duke University. 
She shares her life with her real-life hero and number one supporter. Their relationship grew on the golf course, and now they have one in their backyard. 
Jill believes in enjoying every moment of this journey because God has everything under control.

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