Saturday, November 20, 2021

Review: A Yorkshire Carol by Jennie Goutet

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing

The heart is deceitful above all things. Who can understand it?
When Juliana Issot’s godmother invites her to spend the month of Christmas for a house party in Yorkshire, Juliana feels compelled by affection to accept. Never mind that she escaped Yorkshire at first chance to secure a more glittering match in London, and the only matrimonial prospect at home is her childhood playmate, Willelm.

Willelm Armitage is a born and bred Yorkshireman, and as far as he is concerned, Juliana belongs here, too—and at his side. However, the one time he tried to convince her of this, she speedily gave him the right-about, making him question whether she truly was the right choice for him. After all, if she cannot see how well they suit, he is not about to force her hand.

A Christmas house party with pudding, games, charades, riding, and carols turns out to be just the thing to remind Juliana of how much she loves Yorkshire. But when her nostalgia slips into love will she be able to admit that Willelm knew the longings of her heart better than she knew her own?

My Review

I loved the Christmas setting at the Yorkshire house party! It was interesting how the characters expressed the vast difference between London and Yorkshire culture and customs. London is seen as more refined and high society, while Yorkshire is country, with rougher manners. It was sad that Juliana didn't understand how to balance the two, and felt that she must shun one to belong in the other. I appreciated the character growth she went through, and was able to realize the comfort and authenticity of Yorkshire can compete with the shallow glamor of London. Willelm had his eyes opened with Juliana's London behavior, but their childhood bond helps them renew their friendship during the house party. He is the ultimate good guy, being able to forgive her and understand that she wants something different from life, while still enjoying her company. I loved reading as Juliana's more genuine character begins to shine and Willelm can't help but hope for a future together. A lovely story for the holidays!

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