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Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Her Keeper's Heart by Krystal M. Anderson

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Her Keeper's Heart
(Keepers of the Light #14)
By Krystal M. Anderson
Historical Romance, Wholesome Romance
Paperback & ebook, 124 Pages
September 14, 2021 by Krystal M. Anderson

Living as the assistant keeper at the Puffin Point lighthouse for four years, Leonard Tarby admires everything about his coastal home: sweeping ocean seascapes, lush, tangled forests, and unobstructed views of the stars he enjoys charting. There was only one thing Leonard would change, and that is the absence of a loving bride by his side. Certain the only way to achieve that goal is to send for a bride through the mail, Leonard sits back to wait for her arrival, dreaming of a life of wedded bliss soon to come. The young lady is soon on her way to Puffin Point but goes missing en route. Is there foul play involved or did she simply get cold feet? Will Leonard ever have a bride of his own? Find out in this sweet historical romance full of dangers, intrigue, and love, all beneath the ever-watchful beam of a Pacific lighthouse.

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Oh, what new creations would he set eyes upon this time? Leonard squinted into the tube’s aperture and made some angle adjustments, marveling at the cluster of stars coming into focus. He stepped back from the instrument and gazed at the sky to locate the nearest constellation before peering through the telescope again. A small notebook tucked into the case came out next, which comprised all of Leonard’s notes and hand-drawn charts of the sky at different times of year. He catalogued the cluster, taking great care to appropriately note the sizes of each star. If only he could purchase a spectroscope so that he might ascertain what elements made up the phenomenon he was looking at. But no, he was grateful for the telescope and the revelations it made plain. He could stare through its lens every night for the rest of his life and discover something new each time.

Gazing at the heavens always left him with a greater confirmation that God was a supreme Creator, one possessing matchless creativity and wisdom. There beside the lighthouse, Leonard said a prayer of gratitude for the life he’d found. He pled for the safety and well-being of the Tuckers and his own bride-to-be. Would she find solace and satisfaction by his side? Perhaps she’d enjoy astronomy as much as he. The journey from Connecticut to Oregon would take months. Leonard heaved a sigh and began packing up his telescope. Orissa. Hers was a name that a star could bear. Perhaps, if he scoured the heavens thoroughly during the next few months, Leonard could find one lovely enough to earn it. Maybe then Orissa would see just how much he loved her already.

Excerpted from Her Keeper’s Heart by Krystal M. Anderson, Copyright © 2021 by Krystal M. Anderson. Published by Krystal M. Anderson. 

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About the Author

Krystal M. Anderson is a Utah, USA native and a wife and mother of four young children. She spends her free time writing and riding horseback. Nothing makes her happier than being a wife and mother... but reading is a very close second.

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