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Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: An Alaskan Homecoming by Beth Carpenter

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An Alaskan Homecoming
(Northern Lights #8)
By Beth Carpenter
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
June 1, 2021 by Harlequin Heartwarming

“Ever after” wasn’t the plan…
Until now!

Rowan O'Shea's intention was just to visit her family in the small Alaskan town she calls home. Now she's not sure she wants to leave, given the romantic mess she's left behind. A temporary fake marriage to gorgeous veterinarian Zack Vogel might be the perfect solution, if she can convince Zack. But Rowan's marriage of convenience has a seriously inconvenient snag—she's falling for her new fake husband!

A Northern Lights Novel
Book 1: The Alaskan Catch
Book 2: A Gift for Santa
Book 3: Alaskan Hideaway
Book 4: An Alaskan Proposal
Book 5: Sweet Home Alaska
Book 6: Alaskan Dreams
Book 7: An Alaskan Family Christmas
Book 8: An Alaskan Homecoming

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“Let’s try this once more.” Moving slowly, Zack approached the downy yellow moose calf and waved a bottle of formula in front of his face. “Yummy stuff.”

The calf butted his head against the bottle, almost knocking it from Zack’s hand. He shifted his grip and tried again. “Come on, buddy. I know it’s not as good as Mama’s, but your mama isn’t feeling up to nursing right now. Give it a try.” He squirted a little formula onto his fingers and slid them into the calf’s mouth.

Instinctively, the calf began to suck. Zack eased the nipple of the bottle in beside his fingers. Tasting the milk, the hungry calf sucked harder. Slowly, without disturbing the calf’s rhythm, Zack retrieved his fingers.

“You got him to eat.” Maggie poked her head around the corner of the stall. The calf eyed her but didn’t stop sucking.

“Yeah. He wasn’t too sure about this rubber nipple at first, but he’s getting the hang of it. We’ll just need to feed him formula until all the drugs are out of Mom’s system.”

Maggie watched in silence for a few seconds, but a worry line had formed between her eyebrows. “Speaking of formula, the feed bill is due.”

Zack groaned. “I suppose the kitty is empty?”

“Jessie says the next grant check won’t arrive until next Friday.”

“Hmm.” Zack mentally tallied up payments due on his mortgage, his portion of the vet clinic, his student loans and his truck, comparing that with the balance in his account. It would be close. “I’ll write a check to the feed store.”

“You have to stop doing that. You should be drawing a salary, not funding the wildlife rehab out of your own pocket.”

“Says the woman working six days a week for free.”

“I have the time. I’m retired, but you’re not. WildER needs more sponsors. You know our grant is contingent on matching funds. If we don’t raise more money by September, they’ll reduce it next year.”

Zack grimaced as he adjusted his grip on the bottle. He loved helping injured animals recover and return to the wild, but fundraising was not his strength. “Got any ideas?”


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About the Author

Beth Carpenter is thankful for good books, a good dog, a good man and a dream job creating happily-ever-afters. She and her husband now split their time between Alaska and Arizona, where she occasionally encounters a moose in the yard or a scorpion in the basement. She prefers the moose.

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