Friday, April 9, 2021

Review: Wrong Train to Paris by Jennifer Moore

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


At nineteen years of age, Julia Weston fancies herself a capable woman, far too old to require a traveling companion. But at the insistence of her overprotective father, Julia finds herself aboard the Orient Express in the care of an approved escort. In an ill-advised demonstration of independence, Julia leaves the train on a quick errand and then re-boards and sleeps away her exhaustion. Upon awakening, however, she realizes her plan went terribly awry: she boarded the wrong train and is now stranded alone in the French countryside of Provence.

Now she must rely on the help of Luc Paquet, a young French farmer who offers her accommodations with his aunt while Julia awaits the next train to Paris in five days’ time. As she settles into the rhythms of the household alongside Luc and his aunt, Julia learns more than she ever dreamed she would about France, farm life, and her handsome rescuer. There is more to Luc than meets the eye, and their chemistry is undeniable. But Julia and Luc are from different worlds, and all too soon, the train will bear Julia back to a life that suddenly feels incomplete.

My Review

I loved the character development in this one! Julia feels experienced and grown up, but when she finds herself in unfamiliar circumstances, she learns some hard lessons. I admired that she could quickly turn things around and make the best of it. Luc is focused on his land and propagating olive trees, but Julia shakes up his life rather unceremoniously with one thing after another. He is unbelievably patient, although his feelings of frustration slip through occasionally. I loved his aunt and how she bonded with Julia and made her feel welcome and needed. I felt immersed in the setting of the French countryside and it made the reading experience so lovely. The romance kind of sneaks up on Luc and Julia, and it was fun to see them a little shy but definitely interested. I was curious to see how their two worlds would merge when they are so different, and I thought the author accomplished it perfectly.

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