Thursday, November 26, 2020

Review: Spinster Ever After by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


When a man loves a spinster...

Charlotte Wright had had enough. All of her friends have now married, leaving her the lone writer of the Spinster Chronicles who is still a true spinster. So she's decided it is time for her to join the ranks and get married, groom to be determined. She's an heiress, after all. How difficult could it be to find a husband?

Michael Sandford has been there by Charlotte's side from the very beginning, loving her all the while even when she turned down his proposal. When she tells him of her plans to marry and marry soon, he begins to make plans himself. He cannot stand by and watch her marry someone else, so he's decided to distance himself from Charlotte entirely while she hunts for a husband... one that is not him.

And Charlotte doesn't like that one bit.

My Review

This has been such a fun series! Charlotte is the most outspoken and sassy of the group of young ladies who call themselves The Spinsters and not-so-secretly publish a society column. In the previous books she has always seemed so unaffected, so it was nice to be able to see behind her facade to her more vulnerable feelings. She's not too different from what she seems, though, having an openly honest personality. She truly is unaware of Michael's obsession with her, probably because he plays the role of only-a-friend so well. I kept rooting for him to take a chance and tell her how he felt before he tried moving on, but his sense of self-preservation kept him from risking another rejection. The dance over the line between friendship and romance is played with as Charlotte and Michael try their best to make choices that will move their lives forward after they each realize how stagnant they have been over the past years- Charlotte with entertaining frivolous suitors she knows have no future with her, and Michael with his world revolving around Charlotte and not making a place for himself in society. It was fun to see the various characters from the books rally around each of them in their quest to reinvent themselves and find love. An entertaining conclusion to the Spinster Chronicles!

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