Sunday, August 16, 2020

To Sketch a Sphinx by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


From the Hand of Sketch...

Henrietta "Hal" Mortimer has been working with England's operatives and spies for years, her remarkable memory and artistic talents invaluable to many missions. The last thing she expects is to be pulled into a field mission herself, and to be partnered with the most insufferable asset she has ever met. Worse, then, that she has to marry the man.

And the mind of Sphinx...

There are very few people who rattle John Pratt, gifted code-breaker for the Crown, but Hal Mortimer was one of them. Marrying her in order to go into the field for their mission in Paris would be torture, but they had no choice. Will their mutual spite doom their mission before it starts or can they set it aside and work together for the safety and security of their country?

My Review

As different as these two characters are, I loved them as individuals and loved them with each other- both when they are bickering (which they do so well) and when they are romantic. It was refreshing to have a somewhat fresh storyline to follow- the League is taking a new strategy to get ahead of the Faction rather than reacting to it's treachery. I absolutely loved the setting of Paris and the new characters we are introduced to! I'm hoping that we get future stories for the deep undercover spies that helped Hal and John. Sidenote: I have to admit that Hal's nickname often threw me off since it's so masculine in my mind, but it really created a swoony contrast when John would call her Ange. Hal and John each have a "very particular set of skills" (I'm saying that in Liam Neeson's voice in my head), which make them quite brilliant assets. They start out a bit competitive with each other, but as they work together they realize that they perfectly complement each other, in more ways than just their spy skills ;) I loved their chemistry and the way they grew to care for and support each other as true partners. This book has a perfect balance of intrigue, suspense, romance, and action. It wraps up with a satisfying ending, but also with a lead-in to the next book, which I can't wait for!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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