Monday, July 6, 2020

Review: A Secret Arrangement by Heather B. Moore

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


What happens when two women race to spend their inheritance? An epic Grand Tour.

Evelyn Tucker has finally graduated from finishing school, but dreads living with her widowed aunt. On the appointed day, Aunt Margaret comes to collect Evelyn, and Margaret informs her that they’re going on a Grand Tour to spend as much of the estate money they can before a distant cousin inherits all. When Henry Gaiman discovers he’s inherited his distant uncle’s estate, he loathes the thought of returning to England since he’d rather continue with his archaeology dig in Egypt. Return he must, and there, he meets Evelyn, a woman who will change his world in more ways than one.

(This novella was previously published in Timeless Victorian Collection: A Grand Tour)

My Review

This was a fun and exciting adventure that took us from the trains of England to the camels of Giza. Evelyn has been pretty sheltered and doesn't want to leave her best friend Beatrice at the boarding school. She gets quite the surprise to find her aunt so changed, and does her best to take the spontaneous travel plans in stride. Evelyn seems like the type where not much ruffles her, but she has so many feelings about the unexpected opportunities placed in her lap. I loved that she was such a history buff and surprises Henry with her knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. They are a perfect match, but Henry's fear of offending the woman bankrolling his dig leads him to make a surprising announcement about his relationship with Evelyn. The new complicated dynamics bring light drama to Evelyn's adventure and anxiety to Henry's hopes for the future. I enjoyed the characters in this novella and hope that the author will write Beatrice's story in a future Timeless Victorian Collection.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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