Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Review: Engaging Sir Isaac by Sally Britton

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing



She swore she would win the baronet’s heart in order to break it, never dreaming she would lose her own in the process.

Millicent Wedgwood will never obtain her rightful place in Society, which means she will never have an advantageous reputation, marriage, or fortune. All because Millie's sister eloped years before. But there is a chance to rise above that disgrace if Millie will take part in a dare. If she can win the baronet who insulted Lady Olivia, and then shatter his heart, she will earn back her position in Society with Lady Olivia’s sponsorship.

Sir Isaac Fox returned from war with one less arm and a weight upon his soul. Where once he easily charmed Society, he now prefers to remain quietly alone at home. With a failing estate to manage, Isaac is determined to be more responsible and less foolhardy, which leaves no time for romance. Certainly no time for the infuriatingly enchanting Miss Wedgwood.

When Millie realizes her game has put her own heart in jeopardy, she risks losing everything she has so desperately sought to replace in her life. And though Isaac refuses Millie's advances, he cannot deny her charm. But falling for Miss Wedgwood would mean reentering society and losing the peace he has found since the war. Can they find a way to heal their hearts together? Or will Millie's deception ruin them both?

My Review

I was not prepared for the game that would be played in this story! I don't normally enjoy head games between characters, but this one worked for me- because I could see the conflict in Millie as she is a puppet in the hands of her parents and Lady Olivia. I was rooting for her to make her own choices and yet I could see how she felt like she had no choice, especially when social blackmail is involved. She has a wonderful growth arc in the book as she is befriended by Isaac's group of close-knit friends in spite of his mistrust and learns to be stronger than she knows.

Isaac is going through his own struggles as his wartime experiences have left him a very different man- brooding, grumpy, and tormented. I loved how his sister and friends that in turn starred in the previous books in the series don't just make meaningless appearances, but are an integral part of the story and continue to be the primary supportive relationships in his life. The chemistry between he and Millie ebbed and flowed as they both had hidden or private sides that they had difficulty sharing, but eventually grew to know the genuine person behind the facade.

The tension grows steadily and it really felt like a nail-biter as Lady Olivia gets more ruthless and Millie is torn as she becomes more loyal to her new friends. It was fun to have Olivia's brother Lord Neil befriend Millie in a platonic way and help her surreptitiously, since he played the part of the villain in the first book. It set me up to be thrilled when I learned that he will have his own book!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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