Monday, November 4, 2019

Spotlight: A Time to Live by Megan Fatheree

Book Three in the For Such a Time series


The truth brought to light.

Their destinies uncertain.

When Dominic and Hadassah jump headfirst into their relationship, they think they can make it work. Neither is prepared for the maelstrom of consequences and misunderstandings. Love is far different than what anyone imagined, and Hadassah and Dominic aren't the only ones surprised by love's persistence.

In the darkness, a villain has been lurking. Waiting, waiting for his chance to strike. What started fifteen years ago, suddenly rears its head in the present. When Rage makes his final move on a chessboard of fatal proportions, will anyone be able to stop the storm?

*A Time to Live is the third and final installment in the For Such A Time trilogy. If you wish to read the story from the start, please begin with Dust to Dust.

Book One

Book Two

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