Sunday, September 29, 2019

#TackleTBR Wrap-up

Well, life intervened and I didn't get the books read that I wanted to- also I read a couple books not on my list. Say You Love Me was to have a happy story to fall asleep to, but Home to Chestnut Grove was an accident- it was open on my Kindle and I read it thinking it was You Belong With Me... and afterwards I went to write a review and the book description did not quite match what I had just read *face palm* But in my defense they are both about towns that are being "rescued" into revitalization by the main character. One is just much more Christmas-themed than the other... The last book I read, The Words Between Us, was excellent so I did end the read-a-thon on a happily satisfied note.

Total Pages: 937
Total Books: 4.25

(partial read)

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