Saturday, May 18, 2019

Review: Behind the Light of Golowduyn by Deborah M. Hathaway

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


She’s the keeper of Golowduyn Lighthouse. He’s the captain who shipwrecked on her watch. A marriage of convenience can save her home—if secrets don’t destroy it first.

Abigail Moore will do anything to keep Golowduyn Lighthouse shining brightly, even if she must do so alone. When a shipwreck occurs near her home one stormy evening—bringing with it a dashing captain keen to offer his aid at every turn—her days of isolation vanish.

Captain Gavin Kendricks didn’t expect to end his naval career by crashing his ship against the rugged cliffs of Cornwall. When he’s pulled from the sea by the fearless and quick-tempered Miss Moore, a tentative friendship forms between them, and he begins to realize what has been missing from his life.

Before either of them can explore these newfound stirrings, death and deception hit Golowduyn, and Abigail is left with a choice. Either she loses everything she has ever loved, or she marries the captain and accepts his help. Unable to give up the lighthouse, she agrees to the union, and they work together to see that the light does not diminish. But when her childhood secrets are unearthed, and their property falls victim to troubling defacement, their marriage threatens to crumble. Gavin fights to gain her confidence, but only Abigail can forget the crippling memories of her past to trust Gavin with Golowduyn—and her heart.

My Review

I loved the setting in this story with great character development and a riveting plot. There's something special about lighthouses as they stand as a beacon in the storms. Abigail is overworked as she unofficially takes on the role of main keeper from her uncle, but is devoted to the lighthouse and its purpose. I admired her strength and stubbornness which was tempered by her insecurity about her past. Gavin quickly becomes a good friend to her uncle, but it was interesting how Abigail felt jealousy towards their rapport and felt left out and unappreciated by her uncle. She deals with complicated emotions during this time of upheaval as secrets are revealed in the aftermath of unexpected tragedy. I loved how Gavin is a source of strength and refuge for her as she humbles herself to accept his help and open her heart to a deeper friendship and relationship. His positive personality brings light and humor to the story and balances out the darker themes. This book was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend it to fans of historical fiction!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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