Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review: The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket by Annalisa Hall, illustrated by Corey Egbert

Heidi Reads... The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket by Annalisa Hall, illustrated by Corey Egbert

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Your children don't see the Holy Ghost, but that doesn't mean they can't feel His presence. With heart-warming illustrations, The Holy Ghost Is Like a Blanket depicts characteristics of the Holy Ghost by comparing them to objects children remember and relate to. These meaningful analogies will help your little ones recognize the Holy Ghost as a real influence in their lives.

My Review

I think it's so great that the publisher created another version of this book! The original featured a girl in the illustrations, with her father, mother, and baby brother. In this new "boy version", the young boy is now the featured character, with his father, mother and older sister. The text is the same and pictures are subtly changed- the older sister is posed where the baby used to be, and the mother's hair is softer with more of a wave. It was fun to compare the two books and look for the differences!

The content is wonderful, I loved the examples used to describe the Holy Ghost and the way we feel the Spirit. There are references at the end for each example with a small image from the book, 1-2 scripture verses from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, and a song from The Children's Songbook. I can see this being used for a Family Home Evening lesson and creative activity using the examples in the book!  The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket is perfect for children of all ages, and would make a lovely gift for a child preparing for baptism.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

Check out the original publication with a girl in the illustrations . . .

About the Author

Annalisa Hall is an author, blogger, ldsbc & byu grad, wife, fast-paced helpmate, mother of three, mom-prenuer, child of God, amazing friend, sewing extraordinaire, ready reader, efficient secretary, glorified storyteller, poetess, busy homemaker, an "aunt anna" 39 times over, a great aunt (as in my niece has a baby girl), lame cook, better baker, great primary teacher, proud visiting teacher, green thumbkin, thrifty shopper, tip junkie, lego queen, airsoft enthusiast, graphic designer, eco-friendly house cleaner, chauffeur, hubby's best friend, and fanatic.

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Corey Egbert has always loved books and art, so when he discovered that he could create both at the same time by being an illustrator, he couldn't have been happier. His illustrations can be seen in The Niuhi Shark Saga books and the album covers of recording artist Rob Taylor. He lives in Manti, Utah with his wife Natalya, son Oliver, and their cat, Rex.

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