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Review: Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel

Heidi Reads... Second Chance in Paradise by Jennifer Peel

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


A first love that deserves a second chance.

Doctoral student Holland Reeves may have aced every class she’s ever taken, but when it comes to life outside her lab, she finds she has more meaningful relationships with test tubes and pipettes than she does with people. That all changes when a surprise wedding invitation arrives, forcing her to return to the small coastal town of Paradise and the Clairborne Resort, where she left her first dream of being Mrs. Clairborne to begin the dream of becoming Dr. Reeves. There she must face her past and, to her surprise, the only man she ever loved, Porter Clairborne, the prodigal son who has unexpectedly returned.

Together, Holland and Porter must decide if their love deserves a second chance, and if Paradise will finally live up to its name or forever remain a town of broken dreams.

My Review

All the feels! I don't know how, it must be some kind of writer magic, but this author totally sucked me into Holland's mind and I felt all the emotion right along with her- uncertainty, angst, compassion, hope, and joy. It's even more impressive because Holland is such a different person that I normally wouldn't relate to- her scientific approach to everything, her quirky random science facts at inopportune moments, her coping mechanism of reciting the periodic table- became endearing and funny. It really worked for me to see her use those methods to sort through the tension (emotional and romantic) and face her long-repressed feelings in order to determine if she has a future with Porter.

Porter was such a great leading man- so charming, but well-balanced by humility as he seeks to make restitution for his past choices. I loved his determination to win Holland's trust and love again, and I loved even more that she made him work for it, but not in a mean way, just that he really needed to prove himself with actions to back up his words. I absolutely loved his family and the important role they play in Holland opening herself up to love and affection. His stepmother Natalie was especially integral to drawing Holland out and giving her a confidant and mother figure that was missing from her life. I'm so thrilled that there is a follow-up book with Natalie and Beau's story!!!

The romantic tension and chemistry was off-the-hook, and there is plenty of romance as Holland and Porter's relationship progresses from distant memories to much, much more. I appreciate that the special moments balanced sensual with respectful, and while the physical attraction was palpable, the focus was on the emotional connection of the relationship. All the little details and mannerisms made this story one that I savored and literally couldn't put down. Highly recommend!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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