Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Between the Lines by Annette Lyon

Between the Lines is only 99 cents! This sweet novella is worth every penny ;)

Heidi Reads... Between the Lines by Annette Lyon

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Jane Martin is intelligent but extremely shy, especially around men. When the Aid and Cultural Society proposes a letter-writing program, Jane signs up, hoping she can find a friend across the miles. But the program doesn’t run as smoothly as expected.

Unbeknownst to her, Thomas Allred from town becomes her writing friend. Thomas has always known quiet Jane—or thought he did—but reading her letters addressed to his secret persona opens his eyes to what an amazing woman she is. Meanwhile, Jane has no idea that the romantic letters she receives are penned by Thomas—or that he’s falling in love with her in person.

My Review

I love this sweet story! Thomas starts out just trying to be the solution to the problem of matching everyone up with a pen pal, and it's great how he is able to come to know the thoughtful and vibrant personality of the shyest girl in town. Of course, then he has another problem- how to get her to fall in love with his real self, rather than his pen pal persona. The spirit of hopefulness and discovery makes this a story to remember and one I enjoy re-reading when I'm in the mood for a quick feel-good tale!

Between the Lines was originally published in the Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letters Collection.

(I purchased this novella as part of the original collection; this is my honest review)

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