Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vote for Heather B. Moore's YA book Solstice to enter her $100 Amazon giveaway!

Enter to win 2 $100 Amazon Gift Cards!

That’s right, you have TWO chances to win $100 gift cards. Read on for details…

I'm hoping to win a publishing contract for my YA end-of-the-world book SOLSTICE. I wrote the book under the pen name Jane Redd because it’s a different genre than my usual historicals, thrillers, and romances. I entered SOLSTICE into Kindle Scout, which is Amazon’s publishing contest: think “American Idol” for books. Readers vote for/nominate a book, and the books that receive the most nominations will be considered for publication with Amazon. 

Check out the gorgeous cover art by Claudia McKinney!

Four ways to get Banished from the last surviving city on earth are: 1. Cut out your emotion tracker, 2. Join a religious cult, 3. Create a rebellion against the Legislature, 4. Fall in love. 

Jezebel James does all four.

Jez is on the fast-track to becoming a brilliant scientist, with one goal—to save her city from total extinction. But the more Jez learns about the price of a fresh beginning, the more she realizes that carrying out the plan will lead to few survivors, and among the dead will be those she cares about the most.

Okay, so maybe this is a bit of a thriller too, and there’s romance! Maybe I'm not really swapping genres . . .
How To Enter: In order to help me gain nominations, I'm running a contest where anyone who votes for the book can enter a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
Here's what you do:  Go to this link and nominate SOLSTICE. (You’ll need to sign in with your Amazon account info.) You can also read an excerpt of the first couple of chapters if you want, or you can just vote. Then, email me: heather (at) hbmoore (dot) com and I’ll enter you into the drawing for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. 
And . . . for those of you who help pass the word along and get others to nominate the book as well, I'm offering a second $100 Amazon Gift Card giveaway.
How it works: Tell all your Facebook and Instagram/Twitter friend about it, and tell them to include your name in their email entry to me. Use in your post: Vote for Heather B. Moore’s new book SOLSTICE written under pen name Jane Redd on Kindle Scout, then enter the Two $100 Amazon Gift Card contests by emailing heather (at) hbmoore (dot) com and telling her that you voted and that I referred you. You’ll be entered into her 1st giveaway, and I’ll be entered into her 2nd giveaway. Win Win! You can then refer others to get yourself entered into the 2nd giveaway too.
For every person who nominates the book and lists you as their referrer, you’ll earn an entry into a 2nd sweepstakes for ANOTHER $100 Amazon gift card. The more people you tell, the more they list you as their reference, the more chances you will have to win!
Also, if Amazon selects SOLSTICE to publish, everyone who has nominated the book will get a FREE copy from Amazon!

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