Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: The Olive Tree: An Artistic Adaptation by Christine Layton Graham, Joan Layton Merrell, Carol Layton Ogden

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it


Savor a unique scriptural experience with this beautiful book that combines text adapted from Jacob 5 with stunning artwork and calligraphy. A gorgeous addition to any LDS home, it will enhance your understanding of the exquisite symbolism in this significant story.

My Review

This is a beautiful book of paintings and calligraphy depicting the allegory of the olive tree from The Book of Mormon. I appreciated the loveliness, however I was expecting more interpretation from the original content. The text is word for word from the scriptures, and somewhat difficult to read in calligraphy form, especially for children. The art depicts literally what is read in the verses rather than the meaning behind the allegory. It would make a nice gift for a teenager or adult studying the Book of Mormon.

(Thank you to Cedar Fort Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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