Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cover Reveal! So True a Love by Amber Lynn Perry

Exciting news! Amber Lynn Perry, author of So Fair a Lady (which I rated 5 stars- you can read my review here) is publishing her second book in her Daughters in His Kingdom series, So True a Love! It's set to release early 2015, and she just shared the cover and synopsis of her new book and is hosting a giveaway at her blog, The Historical Christian Romance Review! Be sure to stop by and leave a comment to enter the giveaway and sign up for her newsletter! (giveaway ends Oct 15th)

So True a Love by Amber Lynn Perry

Kitty Campbell knows that leaving the dangers of Boston behind for a more tranquil life in Sandwich is God's will for her. But not even twenty-four hours after arriving in the small sea-side town, she witnesses a terrible crime and is forced to stay silent or her family will be made to suffer. And yet, as the consequences for remaining quiet threaten more than just her family, Kitty is desperate to unload her burden. When handsome doctor Nathaniel Smith comes to her rescue more than once, she is tempted to risk everything by revealing what she knows, as her hidden attraction to the courageous patriot builds into much more than childish infatuation.

When Doctor Nathaniel Smith discovers the town's ammunition stores have been raided, he knows immediately who to blame--the hated Torries. Desperate to keep the remaining powder out of enemy hands, he vows to find the men responsible. Then when Kitty Campbell is brutally assaulted and refuses to name her attacker, he suspects she might know something and keeps a closer watch for her safety, only to discover a fleeting attraction he harbored long ago threatens to grow into something akin to love. Yet, he knows a Tory and a Patriot would make a terrible match. At least that is what his head understands, but can he make his heart believe it also?

The first book in the series, So Fair a Lady, is only $3.99 as an e-book, which is a fabulous deal! A print version is available as well.

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