Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Balanced Challenge Day Two: Make working from home work

Question: What can you do or change to make working from home actually work for you? Creating an office space? Cleaning up that office space? Looking into finding a babysitter for a few hours a day? Take the first steps in making the change, then take a photo of your progress and post it on your blog.

This was an easy one for me- the hardest thing about providing daycare for two infants is that I never find time to get my dishes done. I've been hand washing them for four years now. The pile would often get out of control and several hours of my free time were spent catching up. It got to the point where I hated making dinner because it meant I would have more pots and pans to wash. We even lived off paper plates for several months during the summer!

My husband is the sweetest, most thoughtful guy, and loves to surprise me. Often when we go on dates he won't tell me what the plan is, just for the element of surprise. Well, this Christmas he asked my sister to invite me over for the day so he and our bishop from church (who is a general contractor) could install the dishwasher he ordered. When I came home, he asked me if I knew where the popcorn popper was (to get me to look in the cupboards that the dishwasher replaced). I was so shocked. A dishwasher?! We had tossed the idea around for a couple years, but I would always fall back on how much money we were saving by hand washing. Let me tell you, it has been worth every penny! My stress level has dramatically decreased, I can clean up after a meal and have sparkling dishes while I "chillax" and read a book with my daughter or watch a tv show with my husband. I no longer have that mountain of dirty dishes hanging over my head so I can focus my best efforts at caring for my munchkins.

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