Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Review: Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it


“I suppose I can’t expect to keep you under lock and key. You’re hardly a criminal.  .  . are you?”   

It takes a criminal to catch one, and Nicholas Brentwood is just the man for the job. Reformed in more ways than one, the rough-around-the-edges Brentwood is a member of the Bow Street Runners, London’s early nineteenth-century fledgling police force. There’s none better than Brentwood at catching the felons who ravage the city’s streets, and there’s nothing he loves more than seeing justice served.  Beautiful and beguiling, Miss Emily Payne is not the sort of miscreant Brentwood usually hunts down. When he is assigned as her bodyguard, he vows to protect her from her father’s enemies, who will stop at nothing to carry out their mission fueled by greed and revenge.
All her life, Emily has longed for love, but it remains beyond her grasp. This season she’s determined to find a husband, which is quite the undertaking with a hound-dog guardian like Brentwood watching her every step. If he would just give her some measure of freedom, she is sure she could win the heart of society’s most eligible bachelor.

Emily’s headstrong persistence challenges Nicholas in ways he doesn’t expect but of one thing he’s certain—of all the cunning criminals he’s dealt with in the past, this time he’s met his match.

My Review

An exciting story with two characters who drive each other crazy... until they don't ;) I had a difficult time with Emily in the beginning because of her attitude, but as her past was slowly revealed, I grew to understand her a bit more. I enjoy stories set during the Regency era but delve into the lives of those not placed high in Society. It's always a little more gritty, but also interesting and eye-opening to the way of life back then.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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