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Monday, April 23, 2018

Review & *TWO* Giveaways: A Place Called New Hope by Catherine McGreevy

Heidi Reads... A Place Called New Hope by Catherine McGreevy

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Letty Leighton wishes to use her wealth to found a utopian society, New Hope. All she needs to access her fortune is a husband. Luckily, Patrick Marlowe, a penniless explorer, has agreed to marry her just before leaving on a long African expedition. At first, New Hope seems to be a success, but despite Letty's best intentions, not everything in her utopia--or in her marriage--turns out as she planned.

My Review

This book was fascinating. I loved learning about the thinkers in a changing society who were advocates for the poor and sought to make actual changes towards reducing poverty. An experience in her youth motivates Letty to dream of helping the poor, and the writings of other utopian leaders prompt her to plan her own project of the sort. She believes she has everything planned out, but her recurring internal question, "what could go wrong?" foreshadows the challenges she faces when her dream becomes reality. Her determination and compassion is admirable, and she begins to earn the respect of New Hope's residents when she works alongside them and encourages them to be autonomous in solving their issues. Letty's relationship with Patrick is practical but friendly, and develops into deeper feelings as he supports her. Their romance isn't exactly romantic since Letty's world revolves around New Hope, but they have a sweet love story by the end.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

About the Author

Catherine McGreevy
The daughter of a foreign-service officer, Catherine McGreevy attended international schools in France, Spain, and Morocco. During her time abroad she learned to appreciate other cultures as well as the ideals that make America special. A true book-worm, she dreamed seeing her own novels on a shelf next to those of her favorite writers, including Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Peters.
After majoring in Communications (Journalism) with a minor in English at Brigham Young University, she later earned her Secondary Education Teaching Credential at Cal State Fullerton, and taught high-school and middle-school English before moving to Northern California.

A history buff, Catherine lives in Northern California’s gold country, where she has been known to don a bonnet and petticoats to re-enact the past with the Sierra Nevada Mormon Pioneers, appearing in parades and at Sutter’s Fort and the Gold Discovery site in Coloma.

Her first historical novel, Chance’s Bluff, was released by Cedar Fort Publishing in January, 2018. A Place Called New Hope follows in March.

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