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Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Chance of Loving You by Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert & Susan May Warren

 An anthology by three bestselling romance authors:

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock
Trying to launch her own design firm while waitressing on the side, Julie Sheffield was drawn to the kind man she waited on at the restaurant last night . . . until he stiffed her on the tip by leaving her half of a sweepstakes ticket.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert
Hospital dietary assistant Aimee Curran is determined to win the Vegan Valentine Bake-Off to prove she’s finally found her calling. But while caring for one of her patients—the elderly grandmother of a handsome CSI photographer—Aimee begins to question where she belongs.

Hook, Line & Sinker by Susan May Warren
Grad student Abigail Cushman has agreed to enter the annual Deep Haven fishing contest. She’s a quick learner, even if she doesn’t know the difference between a bass and a trout. But nothing could prepare her for competing against the handsome charmer she’s tried to forget since grief tore them apart.

One chance for each woman to change her life . . . but will love be the real prize?

My Review

For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock - 3 stars
This was a cute yet predictable story with characters that banter unusually well for only having just met. I didn't feel drawn to the characters but it was fun seeing how they responded to each other and their unexpected and overwhelming wealth. Their interactions are impetuous and dramatic, and it played like a made-for-tv movie in my mind.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert - 4 stars
Set in San Diego (yay!), this one hit closer to home since my mother is an advocate for caregivers and the elderly. Lucas and Aimee bond over his grandmother's care and provide emotional support for each other. Aimee's love of cooking stems from the time she spent with her late mother making meals for others. I enjoyed the themes of compassion, grief, hope, and acceptance as Lucas and Aimee both come to terms with their struggles. Great romantic moments!

Hook, Line & Sinker by Susan May Warren - 5 stars
Unlike the two previous, the couple featured in this story has a romantic history. There is a great intro scene involving a dunk tank, but then the grief and misunderstanding that came between Abby and Ross brings a boatload of emotion and angst to the narrative. Their past is revealed to the reader in bits and pieces while the present day takes place at Deep Haven's lake fishing contest. I was impressed by the details of the fishing- something I have absolutely no experience with :) Abby and Ross have distinct personalities that complement each other and I was rooting for them to take a chance and finally communicate and forgive.

(Thank you to Tyndale Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)