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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Telegraph Proposal by Becca Whitham, Gina Welborn

The Telegraph Proposal JustRead Tour 

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour & Giveaway for The Telegraph Proposal by Becca Whitham and Gina Welborn, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


The Telegraph Proposal
Title: The Telegraph Proposal
Series: Montana Brides #3
Authors: Becca Whitham & Gina Welborn  
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Western Romance  
Release Date: October 29, 2019  

In the rough and rugged Montana Territory, the journey to true love is filled with unexpected twists--and sweet rewards--for daring frontier women who faithfully believe every heart has a home . . .

With the help of the Archer Matrimonial Company, Yancey Palmer has finally put Hale Adams, the man she's loved for ten years--sometimes not wisely or well--behind her. Yancey is so sure of her love for the man the agency matched her with, she readily promises a friend that she'll help Hale with his mayoral campaign without chasing him.

Hale has also engaged the services of the matrimonial agency. He's so pleased with one lady, he requests that she join him in Helena to commence a sixty-day courtship. But instead, the Archer ladies arrive in town to reveal the true identities of both Hale's and Yancey's matches: each other. Can they look past their misunderstandings and hurt to see that they are still a perfect match?  

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Carline lifted the bottom edge of the quilt while Yancey pulled on the leather handle of the rectangular oak box hidden under her bed. The pine floorboards were scratched from the hundreds of times she’d pulled or pushed the box across them.

Knowing she was doing the right thing didn’t stop Yancey’s chest from aching. She’d loved Hale for so long. So very long. And—in truth—he was a good man. He just didn’t care two beans or a pickle for her.

She opened the lid. On top were a deep pink dried rose and a blue satin ribbon. The rose was important because Hale had brought a dozen of them to her mother the first time he’d come to the house for lunch. Ever since then, pink roses had been Yancey’s favorite flower. She lifted the rose from the box, held it over the waste bin, and crushed the crisp petals inside her fist.

“Goodbye, Hale,” she whispered as she sprinkled the crumbled rose over lint, hair cleaned from her brush, and other bits of refuse.

She nudged the ribbon aside to take out a yellowed newsprint advertisement for Hale’s law firm. She ripped it in quarters and let the pieces flutter into the waste bin. Next came an article about a case he’d won. She ripped and released it. As the pieces fell, the heaviness in her chest lifted.

Not much, but enough to keep going until nothing was left but the blue ribbon.

She held it up, her hand shaking.

“Are you sure?” Carline knelt beside Yancey.

She laid the satin across her thigh, smoothing it with her hand. Every other treasure was adjacent to Hale—something he’d done that had nothing to do with her. “This is my one true memory with him.”

“I know.” Carline wrapped her arm around Yancey’s waist.

“How many times have we planned ways for me to wear this in my hair or sew it into my dress or wrap around my bridal bouquet?”

Carline answered by hugging Yancey closer.

“He didn’t give it to me.” Yancey wrapped the ribbon around her index and middle fingers, savoring the silky feel against her skin. “Would it be so bad to keep it?”

“I can take it for you.” Carline’s offer was made out of deep friendship. She knew what letting go would cost.

Would that be cheating? The ribbon would be gone. Mostly. Yancey sighed and shook her head.

“The entire purpose is to leave Hale Adams behind. It has to go.”

She wriggled the ribbon off her fingers, held it over the waste bin, and let it fall.

Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham
Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham
Becca Whitham (WIT-um) Award-winning author, paper crafter, and Army wife, Becca and her twelve-foot long craft cabinet follow her husband of thirty-five years wherever the army needs a good chaplain. She thinks the cabinet should count as a dependent. So far, neither the army nor the IRS is convinced. In between moves from one part of the country to the other, she writes stories combining faith and fiction that touch the heart. She's a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.  

CONNECT WITH BECCA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest    

Gina Welborn is the bestselling author of twenty inspirational romances, including the Montana Brides Romances from Kensington Publishing. She’s a member of Romance Writers of American and American Christian Fiction Writers. Sharing her husband’s passion for the premier American sports car, she is a lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum and a founding member of the Southwest Oklahoma Corvette Club. Gina lives with her husband, four of their five children, a rabbit named Hobbit, and two cats that don't realize rabbits are edible.  

CONNECT WITH GINA: Website | Facebook | Pinterest


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: Austen in Austin by Susanne Dietze, Anita Mae Draper, Debra E. Marvin, Gina Welborn

Heidi Reads... Austen in Austin by Susanne Dietze, Anita Mae Draper, Debra E. Marvin, Gina Welborn

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it


Discover four heroines in historical Austin, TX, as they find love--Jane Austen style.

If I Loved You Less by Gina Welborn, based on Emma
A prideful matchmaker examines her own heart when her protégé falls for the wrong suitor.

Refinements by Anita Mae Draper, based on Sense and Sensibility
A misguided academy graduate spends the summer falling in love . . . twice.

One Word from You by Susanne Dietze, based on Pride and Prejudice A down-on-her-luck journalist finds the story of her dreams, but her prejudice may cost her true love . . . and her career.

Alarmingly Charming
by Debra E. Marvin, based on Northanger Abbey A timid gothic dime-novel enthusiast tries to solve the mystery of a haunted cemetery and, even more shocking, why two equally charming suitors compete for her attentions.

My Review

I enjoy Austen retellings and stories based on her books. I don't consider myself an Austen "purist" because I like when the characters or plot are taken in much different directions than the original story. This is definitely a unique collection with the setting in 1800's Austin, Texas, and each novella based on a different book of Austen's. It was interesting to see how each author incorporated the classic storyline while making it new and interesting. I think some achieved more success at that than others. If I Loved You Less stayed pretty close to the original plot and dialogue of Emma, so much in fact that at times I felt like the characters were more British than Texan. Refinements and One Word From You were more creative with the plot and characters. Alarmingly Charming was my favorite since the writing flowed so well and had more depth and dimension than the other stories in the collection. Kathryn and Harmon's unexpected attraction has them in a dance of "should I/shouldn't I" until she helps bring peace to his family and makes her own decision about her future.

(Thank you to Debra Marvin for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Mary Connealy, Angela Bell, Angela Breidenbach, Lisa Carter, Rebecca Jepson, Amy Lillard, Gina Welborn, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Rose Ross Zediker

Heidi Reads... The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Mary Connealy, Angela Bell, Angela Breidenbach, Lisa Carter, Rebecca Jepson, Amy Lillard, Gina Welborn, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Rose Ross Zediker

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Come along on a romantic journey jam-packed with all the angst of marriages founded upon practical choices as well as coercion. Meet nine couples who barely know each other before they find themselves suddenly married—to please family, to stem the tide of gossip, to save the land—and joined for life. But can love grow when duty comes before romance?

My Review

Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite fiction themes, and here is a fabulous historical collection chock full of them! All the stories had vibrant characters with great chemistry, realistic settings, and well-rounded plots that wrap up nicely for the length of a novella. The majority I would rate 5 stars, a few would be 4 stars. My favorite was "The Sweetwater Bride" by Mary Connealy, focusing on Tanner, the son of Silas and Belle from her earlier book The Husband Tree. He is scouting his land in the harsh mountains and discovers Debba McClain, living alone on her family's hidden ranch, forgotten and completely isolated from society for five years. His protective instincts immediately creates a bond which takes a romantic turn as they get to know each others strengths and their attraction develops. Unfortunately, Tanner comes up with a creative way to get her off her land to meet his family, which puts him in hot water not only with Debba but also his mother when she finds out his methods. I highly recommend this collection and will definitely be reading it again.

(Thank you to Barbour Books for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)