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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Book Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Coming Home to You by M.K. Stelmack

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Coming Home to You (A True North Hero #3)
Coming Home to You
(A True North Hero #3)
By M. K. Stelmack
Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
October 2, 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She wants a temporary fake romance

Can he make it real...and forever?

Driving across the country in an RV with her terminally ill godmother was not Daphne Merlotte's idea. Nor was crashing the RV into a small-town coffee shop, nearly hitting local good guy Mel Greene. Now Daphne will do anything to keep her godmother from continuing the trip--even asking Mel to be her fake boyfriend. But there's nothing fake about Mel's intentions--he wants a real romance!

Guest Post by Author M.K. Stelmack

10 Tips on RV Living from a Newbie

 (A short fictitious article Daphne Merlotte sold to a travel magazine about RV living.)

1.       Start short. My first trip was with my godmother from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Spirit Lake, Alberta—a distance of nearly 5000 km (3000 miles). My second trip was not three months later, when I did the trip again and then carried on to Vancouver, another 1000 km (600 miles), and then back again to Spirit Lake, for a grand total of 7000 km (4200 miles).  By the end of it all, I was a veteran of RV life, but quite honestly, the most pleasant was the shortest trip—from Vancouver to Spirit Lake. Perhaps that had less to do with distance than with Tip #2…
2.       Choose your company well. True, you can’t choose your family and that’s sometimes who you must travel with, but at least consider a second driver. During my first trip, I couldn’t drive at all and placed a heavy burden on my godmother. On the second trip, my companion also did the driving but I endeavored to keep him supplied with lemonade and conversation.
3.       Get good travel and health insurance. Accidents happen. Believe it or not, my godmother hit the broadside of Tim Hortons. Out-of-province insurance took care of that. She required hospitalization. Again, insurance took care of her. I was shocked when my companion drove across the country to visit me WITHOUT comprehensive insurance. The return trip was conducted differently.
4.       Enjoy the luxuries of your RV. Even the most rustic of RVs has indoor plumbing and refrigeration. My RV has cabinetry and flooring and sinks better than my apartment. Dine like royalty. Yes, an RV has wheels but it also has a couch and bed, and if you’re with the right company, should be highly frequented.
5.       Know your limits. RVs are not called land yachts for nothing. They are impossible to park in most urban areas (Thank you, Walmart, for loan of your parking lot) and if your unit is inordinately long, blocks you from some campsites.
6.       Watch your fuel gauge. RVs are notorious gas guzzlers. Tension rises in direct proportion to the downward swing of the fuel needle. Many stretches of Canada are without services for a hundred miles. You wouldn’t want to walk any portion of that distance with a full jerry can. Review Tip #3.
7.       Stock up on toiletries, towels, medical supplies. I once ran out of toilet paper. Once.
8.       Be an ambassador of your piece of the world. Early on, I discovered the fun of sharing small items from my seaside city of Halifax with fellow travelers at campgrounds, fuel stations, grocery stores, wherever I had a chance to talk with others. I gifted postcards, shells, key chains, bookmarks, brochures. A painfully shy person, I was surprised at how many good conversations it started. My companion now does the same thing, though he’s a natural at reaching out to people, anyway.
9.       Book ahead, but not too far ahead. Book campgrounds and rest stops enough to give you peace of mind and a chance to stock up and recharge, refuel, relax. But don’t fear the gaps in between. You’re not in a covered wagon crossing uncharted territory. If you have Tips #2-7 in place, explore! Take a side trip. That side road might end up being your new road to travel. I speak from experience.
10.   Go! I spent far too many years scared of experiencing life. Not anymore. What’s the old saying? Life is a road—drive it!

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About the Author

M. K. Stelmack writes contemporary romances set in Spirit Lake which is closely based on the small town in Alberta, Canada, where she lives with pets who outnumber the humans three to one, and where dust bunnies run unchecked. She aims to tell stories that don’t shy away from the tough questions but still leave readers feeling uplifted. She is the author of two previous Harlequin Heartwarming titles, A Roof Over Their Heads and Building a Family. She loves hearing from readers. Find her at her website or on Facebook

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Political Parties by Rachel Magee

On Tour with Prism Book Tours
Political Parties
Rachel Magee
Contemporary Sweet Romance
Paperback & ebook, 246 pages
September 25th 2018 by Clean Reads

Planning one amazing party is more complicated than it sounds.

Reece Ryan is known as the best wedding planner in town, but it’s time to take her company to the next level. Getting the contract from a prestigious law firm to plan their upcoming political related events is just the break she needs to prove that she can put together more than just the perfect nuptials. Sure, these events which will receive national coverage might be slightly out of her league, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. Managing the hotshot lawyer the firm has tasked as their liaison for the project is a whole other story.

Griffith Brighton always thought the start of his political career would come from hard work and his brilliant legal mind, not throwing some fancy party. But when the firm’s managing partner asks him to work with the event coordinator to organize a fundraiser dinner for the presidential candidate, he knows it’s the opportunity he’s been waiting for to get in front of some major political players. After years of goal setting and career planning, his future finally seems to be coming together …until two weeks of working with Reece make him reconsider everything he thought to be true about life and falling in love.

Guest Post from Author Rachel Magee

Party Planning 101:  DIY Photo Booth

My newest book, Political Parties, is about planning a couple big, flashy events. The first party, the one the cover is based on, is over the top in almost every aspect. Crystal chandeliers hanging from oak trees, a five course menu prepared by an award winning chef, live music. Of course, it has an over-the-top price tag to go along with it.

But great parties don’t have to have bank-breaking budgets. You can give your guests instant laughs and lasting memories by using these simple steps to set up your own DIY photo booths.

Choose a place with good lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, professional photographer lighting. Most phones now have settings that compensate for that. But do choose a well-lit area, preferably close to the entrance so your guests can’t miss it.

Make a backdrop. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. A simple solid background will work. A wall with nothing on it or hanging bed sheet are easy, readily available options. Or jazz it up a bit with a tinsel curtain or pre-printed backdrop. Both are fairly inexpensive and can be found online or at any party supply store. The main things to remember are to keep it theme related and keep it simple.

Gather props. Props are what make the photos unique and interesting. Anything oversized, like big hats, sunglasses and jewelry, are easy and stand out. You can also include large picture frames and funny, theme related sayings to hold up. Really, anything goes. The only rule here is to keep it fun!

Use your iPad to print instant photos. If the event is at your house, put your iPad on a selfie stick and have it hooked up to your home printer’s photo setting. Allowing guests to use it will give them a larger viewing screen for their photo session and sending it straight to the printer will give partiers an instant and memorable party favor. Printing pictures isn’t an option? Have your guests use their own phones and post the pictures to social media.

Make sure you use it! When you are the host, time can slip away from you. But make a point   throughout your event to head to the photo booth with all your guests. It’s a great way to make lasting memories.

So what do you think? Are you ready to include a photo booth at your next party? Tell me your great photo booth ideas in the comments below!


About the Author

Rachel wrote her first novel when she was twelve and entered it into a contest for young author/illustrators. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t impressed with her stick figures. So she dropped the dream of becoming a world famous illustrator and stuck to spinning stories. When she’s not busy working on her latest book, she loves to travel with her family and friends. By far, her favorite destination is the beach, which tends to work its way into most of her stories. Between vacations, you can find her at home in The Woodlands, TX with her wonderful husband, their two adventurous kids and a couple of spirited pets, all of whom share Rachel’s love of the ocean. Well, except the cat and dog. They’re both afraid of water. Find out more about what Rachel has been up to at

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