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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Review, Author Interview & Giveaway: The Spinster and I by Rebecca Connolly

Heidi Reads... The Spinster and I by Rebecca Connolly

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Poor, unfortunate Spinster...

Prudence Westfall, spinster, has unexpectedly had the greatest misfortune of all: she has inherited a fortune, and is now an heiress. But as a Spinster, and a stammering shy one, nothing could be worse than having a bevy of suitors pay her attention. Opportunity strikes at a house party when the most unlikely person offers the perfect solution.

Camden Vale is no gentleman, and he’s not prone to saving anyone, but something about Prue changes all that. When his offer to befriend her extends beyond the house party, and his feelings extend beyond expectation, no one is more surprised than he. Except, perhaps, for the other Spinsters, and they have much to say on the subject.

My Review

I loved Prue! She is so sweet and unassuming, and I couldn't help but root for her as she deals with her new circumstances- a status that puts her in the spotlight of society and the focus of fortune hunters, and a formerly neglectful mother who now takes too much interest and the verbal abuse that comes with it. The support of her friends is invaluable and essential to her journey of independence and self-confidence. The personalities of the Spinsters are each distinct and vibrant, and I loved coming back to the dynamics of their group. Camden is so charming, but in a likeable way- not over the top. He sees past Prue's stammering for who she truly is, and their friendship and developing romance was a pleasure to read. Another lovely Regency romance from Rebecca Connolly!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

Author Interview 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Sure! I’m an Indiana girl and just recently moved back (WOOHOO!) for a new job in orthopedic medicine. I’m a music lover, especially movie soundtracks and fabulous orchestra parts. Period dramas are hands down my favorite movies and TV shows, especially British ones! I drink hot chocolate all year wrong, collect blankets, eat raw cookie dough, and find sweats and hoodies to be the best clothing ever created. I teach 4 year olds at church, which is a riot, and love love LOVE being an aunt!

What do you do besides writing? 

Work! Haha, I work full time in the medical setting in an orthopedic department. I love to do anything with my family, even if it’s just hanging out on the couch and watching a movie. Long walks are fabulous, and, when I have time, I love to devour a good book!

Do you have images you can share that come close to how you picture your characters? Do you like to find visual inspiration for your characters before or during your writing process? 

Sure do! I love to find visual representation when I can. I usually start off with an idea, and sometimes that changes as I write. Or a new actor will comes across my path, and I’ll think,”Oh, maybe he/she would be better!” Here’s how I picture the main characters in The Spinster and I, Prue and Camden.

What are some songs that you listened to or inspired you while writing your book? 

Oh, this book had an AMAZING song for inspiration. I have never ever had a song be so perfect for a story. We All Need Saving by Jon McLaughlin. It seriously changed everything about this book. I also have selected songs from the soundtracks of Crimson Peak and Becoming Jane in there.

What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book? 

I want them to see the beauty in the deeper sides of these characters, to see how people can change, and to find value in the loyalty that these characters have for each other.

What can we look forward to coming from you in the future? 

Oh, lots! I have more in the Spinster Chronicles, a few more London League books, an exciting companion series to the London League, and an intriguing little series set in Cornwall coming in the next few years!

About the Author

 Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.


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Friday, October 19, 2018

Author Interview, Freebie & Giveaway: Swell Time for a Swing Dance by Cindy Vincent


December 31, 1941. Young Houston socialite Tracy Truworth, Apprentice P.I., can’t imagine a better way to send off the old year and ring in the new than by dancing through the night with her fella, Pete Stalwart. But a swell evening soon takes a terrible turn when a fellow dancer with moves like Fred Astaire ends up dead on the dance floor. And before the hands on the clock can point to midnight, a finger is pointed at Pete, accusing him of murdering the young man.

Then after Pete is hauled away in handcuffs, the night goes from bad to worse . . . and Tracy’s sweet grandmother is accused of stealing an ancient artifact from the museum. Now Tracy must team up with her boss and mentor, Sammy Falcone, in order to find the stolen statuette, unmask the real murderer, and restore the reputations of those she loves the most.

Yet as America becomes embroiled in another world war, the risks and sacrifices intensify—even on the homefront. And Tracy soon finds her own home invaded by a near parade of questionable characters, while unsavory suspects lurk in the shadows, and a ruthless reporter makes her life miserable. With time ticking against her, Tracy must be willing to swing past the setbacks and hop through the hazards if she hopes to solve a mystery that involves a lot of dancing . . . and a lot more danger.

Interview with author Cindy Vincent

Thank you so much, Heidi, for hosting me and my new book, Swell Time for a Swing Dance, here today!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

For twenty years, I had a business where I wrote, published, and sold my own line of murder mystery party games.  My games went all over the world, and were shipped to more interesting places than I’ve ever been myself.  One of my large party kits was used for a birthday party at a French restaurant in Cairo.  I also had games shipped to several U.S. embassies in different countries, including China.  Though mostly I just sold my games to wonderful people in the U.S. and Canada.  

I’m also an absolute fanatic when it comes to Christmas.  While I never forget the reason for the season, that doesn’t mean I’m not an extreme decorator.  I put up three large trees in my house (and plenty of small trees, too!), and my entire front hallway becomes a winter wonderland.  We usually don’t even turn on the lights in the front rooms during Christmas, since the twinkle lights provide plenty of light for us to walk around.  The effect is magical!

2. What do you do besides writing?

The truth is, I have so many more things that I love to do than I ever have time to do them.  J  I love to paint, mostly doing landscape scenes with watercolors and acrylics.  My new favorite type of painting is Impasto, which is applied with a small trowel.  It creates thick layers instead of smooth strokes, and gives a painting a nice 3-D effect.  It’s so much fun to paint and there really is no right or wrong to it. 

But my favorite creative outlet, (next to writing, of course), is sewing.  I make everything from tops to skirts to dresses, and creating evening gowns is a favorite hobby.  I especially enjoy art quilting and free-motion sewing.  Then, I’m also trying to learn how to play the piano via a series of DVDs, but that isn’t going so well . . . turns out I really don’t have much musical talent.  Oh, well.

3. Do you have images you can share that come close to how you picture your characters? Do you like to find visual inspiration for your characters before or during your writing process?

I love these questions!  Let’s see, I picture Tracy Truworth, the lead character in my book, as looking a little like Betty Grable.  I’ve always imagined her boyfriend, Pete, as looking more like Van Johnson. Then there’s Tracy’s boss, Sammy Falcone, who bears a striking resemblance to Humphrey Bogart, so much so that he’s often mistaken for the actor.

Unlike lots of authors, I don’t use visual inspirations beforehand.  I usually know what my characters look like in my mind’s eye before I even start to write a book.  My characters come to life in my imagination long before they come to life in my books. 

4. What are some songs that you listened to or inspired you while writing your book?

Great question!  Of course, I love to listen to swing music because it truly puts me into the era of my 1940s books.  This includes any and all Glenn Miller songs, and Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman. 

But I am also a lover of classical music, and for some reason, I find that having certain songs playing in the background helps my focus and concentration when I write.  Here are a couple of my faves:

5. What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book?

First, I hope people will be entertained by this book and have a chance to step back in time for a moment.  There is so much to enjoy about the 1940s—the clothes, the music, the dancing, and the slang.  But I also hope that people will pick up on a few of the lessons to be learned from WWII.  The morale of our country was amazingly high back then, and it played a huge role in our winning the war.  The war also taught us that we needed everyone’s help, regardless of race, age, or gender. 

Of course, it’s also important to know WWII history, so that we never let such atrocities happen again.  The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) killed around six million Jewish people and around seven million Soviet civilians.  Imperial Japan invaded a dozen countries, with a death toll in the millions as well.  They brutally murdered anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 in what was known as the “Rape of Nanking, China.”  During the war, both Germany and Japan were part of what was known as the “Axis Powers,” and they both had fascist governments.  So I am hoping my books will spark an interest in WWII, so readers might be curious and want to learn more.  Because you know the old adage: Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it. 

6. What can we look forward to coming from you in the future? 

Bunches, if all goes well!  Naturally, there’ll be at least a third Tracy Truworth novel.  And if all goes really well, I’m looking forward to adding a fourth and fifth book to the series, too.  There is simply so much material for a series like this, that I could easily continue her story throughout the entire war.

And then, I’m already well into the next book in the other series that I write, the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Capers.   This will be book number five for the crime-solving cats, and this newest title is: The Case of Too Many Clues.  It is such a fun series to write!

Finally, I have hopes to write a third mystery series someday, too, something with a modern setting.  So I’ve got plenty to work on.  Elizabeth Peters and Sue Grafton both wrote books well into their later years, and I hope to do the same!

Thanks again, Heidi, for hosting me here today.  Your questions have been wonderful, and I hope you continue your blog for years to come!

Free E-book

Beginning Tuesday, October 16th, Swell Time For a Swing Dance will be FREE until the end of the blog tour!


Time to get “in the mood” with a fun 1940s-themed giveaway! Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter for a chance to win a pewter ornament from The National WWII Museum, a Glenn Miller CD, and paperback copies of the first two books in the Tracy Truworth series: Bad Day for a Bombshell and Swell Time for a Swing Dance. Due to shipping costs and varying international laws, this giveaway is open to US residents (age 18 or older) only. Good luck!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Blog Tour, Author Interview & Giveaway: One December by Kyle Hunter

one december blog tour banner 

Welcome to the blog tour & giveaway for One December by Kyle Hunter, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


one december Title: One December  
Author: Kyle Hunter
Publisher: Monceau Publishing  
Release Date: February 10, 2018  
Genre: Christian Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Nikki has loved Mike for as long as she can remember (as early as age seven!) Mike has his own past hurts to resolve, having lost both parents in an accident when he was fourteen. He’s tried to escape those painful memories by leaving New York and starting a new life on the West Coast. New facts indicate, years later, that his parents’ deaths might not have been an accident.

At Christmas Mike comes back to New York for the first time in three years. He and Nikki rekindle the friendship they had as children and share their newfound faith. Under a Christmas moon romantic sparks fly . . . but their mutual attraction takes an unexpected detour.

Nikki is devastated, believing her one chance for a relationship with Mike is over. She impulsively takes a one-year teaching opportunity in Paris, so that she can face her own fears and get over Mike.

If Mike and Nikki run away, how can they find each other again?  

Purchase Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N


kyle hunter

I love to read and write stories about strong women who still have flaws, but are ready to pursue their dreams, even if it takes them out of their comfort zone . . . or their country.

I write inspirational romance novels and women's fiction with a twist: My characters sometimes go places. This led me to create the Love on the Move collection of novels. Readers can take a trip with them and experience their journeys. They can see how the characters' lives unfold as they make decisions to trust God (or not) in their next steps, learning about themselves and their faith, and finding love along the way!

I currently live in North Carolina but spent over a decade in France (where some of my books take place.) I also write non-fiction and teach French. In my free time, I enjoy doing pottery and salsa dancing.  

CONNECT WITH KYLE: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I wrote my first fictional story at the age of ten, about a frog and a turtle who were best friends. I’ve wanted to write fiction ever since then, though it took me a while to actually do it. I lived in France in a ministry role for 13 years, so got to know the culture and country well. Several, but not all, of my stories take place there. I sometimes say it’s my second home. I returned to the US about five years ago and now live in North Carolina.
I also write non-fiction through a travel blog about, you guessed it, France! It’s called Oliver’s France (named after my cat, Oliver, whose name I took as a pen name for my non-fiction.) I love traveling, especially in Europe, and love to write stories that take characters to other places.
Despite my name, I am female. It’s been an interesting name to have all these years!
What do you do besides writing?

I also teach French to adults in a variety of locations, community college, retirement centers, and privately. For fun I like to do pottery and salsa dancing.

Do you have images you can share that come close to how you picture your characters? Do you like to find visual inspiration for your characters before or during your writing process?

The images I had were mostly in my head, and the graphic designer who did the cover for the book found images very consistent with what I had imagined! I do sometimes try to find photos that match what I’m thinking, but I don’t always succeed in finding a good match. It does help, however, to have a photo, but I’m not systematic about this.

What are some songs that you listened to or inspired you while writing your book?
Some authors have a playlist or specific songs they use for inspiration. My best inspiration is silence and maybe a cup of tea. I concentrate best if there is not too much background noise, and music with lyrics does distract me.
What message would you like readers to ultimately take away from the book?

There are different messages a reader could take away from One December, depending on his or her personal journey. The book speaks about God’s timing and our readiness for what He might have planned for us, and how we might need to grow (and trust Him) before receiving it. There is also a theme of dependence on people versus dependence on God. These are questions we all have to apply to various situations in our lives as we grow.

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