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Friday, April 13, 2018

Spotlight, Freebie & Giveaway: Three new books in the Whitcomb Springs Series

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April 13th & 14th


Montana Territory, 1867

Graham Patterson, an accomplished veterinarian, is leaving Seattle and heading east to start a new life for himself. Opportunities abound for men who understand how to make the land work for them, rather than work the land. But after he overhears two scoundrels plotting to take advantage of a lonely spinster, his well-laid plans go awry.

Willow Bennet lives just outside the town of Whitcomb Springs with only her beloved dog to keep her company. It’s a predictable life, until late one night when she foils an attack and her dog is wounded as revenge.

Can she trust the mysterious stranger who insists he can help?


Chapter One
Friday, November 1, 1867

GRAHAM HID IN the shadows, his hand resting on his pistol while he considered the rising flames. Normally he’d take a wide path around a stranger’s camp, but the glowing coals promised warmth and the pot the two men had hanging over the fire smelled of beans. Eating nothing for three days made a man consider a lot of things.

Even worse, he was lost.

In Seattle, taking a wrong turn had meant simply backtracking or trying another street. Deep within the wooded and ankle-busting terrain of Montana Territory, it meant he could die.

His stomach growled again, and he took another swig of icy water from his canteen to quiet the rumbling. Graham’s numb fingers fumbled with the metal cap and a clang broke the silence.

The younger man leapt to his feet. “Pa, did you hear something?”

The older man rose and swung a Henry rifle into firing position. “Who’s out there?” he demanded, his voice raspy from years of hard liquor and harder living.

Graham sighed. Unless he wanted to start a fight with strangers, he’d best answer. “No need to get riled up. I’m just passing through.”

“You alone?” shouted the younger man, planting his legs wide while shucking off his coat.

“Yes,” Graham replied, his fingers lowering to test the knot securing his holster to his leg.
They exchanged whispers, then the older man called out, “You cold?”

“Yes.” Graham grimaced. Late fall out here was a lot colder than his brother’s letters had led him to believe. The frigid winds seemed to blow right through his clothes—a blanket-lined coat, flannel shirt, wool pants, long socks, and high boots—and settle deep in his bones. He’d been cold for the past month.

“Better come in then. Keep your hands where we can see them.”


Montana Territory, 1865

Cooper McCord enjoyed a solitary life. When he first showed Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb the beautiful mountain valley in Montana, he didn’t expect to stay. After the War Between the States began, Cooper remained close and helped build the town, not realizing he was building a home for himself. When an unexpected arrival to Whitcomb Springs makes him question his reclusive life, will Cooper retreat to his wilderness or allow himself to take a chance and risk happiness?


Whitcomb Springs, Montana Territory
May 30, 1865

SHE NEVER imagined dying at the hands—or paws—of a bear. Either she’d end up dead like the poor driver she hired in Bozeman or find a way to escape unscathed. Considering the layers of skirts and petticoats she wore, Abigail wasn’t going to bet on her ability to outrun the great animal.

She remained still in the low branches of a tree. Unable to climb higher unless she removed her skirts, Abigail controlled her breathing so as not to alert the animal. The past few years of her life had been in pursuit of an education. Her work in the war relief had kept her busy for four long years, but she found time in the evening hours to consume knowledge. The more she learned, the more she wanted to know.

Abigail read most of the leather-bound volumes of work in her family’s library, from philosophy to geography to history, and everything in between. Unfortunately, not a single text had explained what to do when confronted by five hundred pounds of bear. Magnificent though the animal was, Abigail didn’t want to become dinner.

Poor Mr. Tuttle had fallen from the wagon and broken his neck when the horses spooked and ran off. She’d been unable to drag him away, let alone pull him up a tree. Even now, she watched as the massive brown bear sniffed around the body. She dispelled a deep breath when she realized it wasn’t going to eat Mr. Tuttle. It looked around instead, smelling the air.

Abigail swore it stared directly at her. Too late, she recalled that bears climb trees. Her first thought had been to escape, and unable to outrun the creature, she went up. She calculated if the bear stood on its back legs, it could reach the low-hanging branches where she hid and knock her from the tree with one swipe. She grabbed the nearest branch above her head and pulled herself up. Abigail ignored the loud rip in her skirt and the sudden gush of cool air that hit her legs and climbed higher. Two more branches put her out of swiping distance.

The grizzly sauntered toward her and stood, staring and studying. She imagined it thinking of all the ways it could rip her apart and savor her like a delicious meal. The stays on her corset would be no match for those great claws, and the teeth . . . Abigail shuddered and reminded herself that most living creatures weren’t vicious by nature.

Abigail knew the animal was aware of her location. It landed back on all fours and approached the base of the tree. The heavy breathing and snorting filled the silence.


Riley Buchanan knew he’d been in the mining camps too long when he mistook the pretty Amy Sutton for a boy. Why she kept her gender disguised puzzled Riley. Curiosity put him on her trail. Destiny placed him in her life. Would Riley become the missing piece to the puzzle that was Amy?


WITH A SATISFYING “clunk,” the can flew up from the fence rail. Amy lowered the carbine and turned to smile at her daughter. “I think we may yet have some venison on the table.”

Rose grinned at her mother and asked, “Do you want me to set them up again?”

“No, I think that’s enough practice. Tomorrow, I’ll head back and see if I can find the deer I wounded. I’ll try find him before some cat or bear tracks him down.”

“Can I come this time?”

Amy looked down into her daughter’s imploring eyes. “Rose, you know the livestock need someone to care for them.”

Rose’s face fell into a sullen pout. “I’m a good shot, too.”

With a finger, Amy lifted her daughter’s chin and waited for Rose to meet her gaze. “I know you are, even better than me. But until we can hire another hand to help us, we are all we have—you and me. Besides, when you are older, I’ll send you out hunting. Agreed?”

Her countenance lifting, Rose nodded. “Agreed.”

Author Bios

MK McClintock is an award-winning author devoted to giving her readers books laced with adventure, romance, and a touch of mystery. Her novels and short stories take you from the rugged mountains of Montana to the Victorian British Isles, all with good helpings of daring exploits and endearing love stories. She enjoys a peaceful life in the Rocky Mountains where she is writing her next book.

If you’d like to know when MK’s next book will be out, please visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive new release updates.

Samantha St. Claire was born in 2016, the alter-ego and pen name of an author of historical fiction born a few decades earlier. She may have found her niche in western historical fiction, served up sweet. Never faint of heart, her signature protagonists face the hazards of the frontier with courage, wit, and a healthy pinch of humor. She divides her time between her homes in Idaho and the Olympic Peninsula.

Follow to read more about the research that has helped develop the characters, towns, and stories of the Sawtooth Range Series.

Christi Corbett had an early love for the written word. As a child she could often be seen leaving the library with a stack of books so tall she used her chin to balance them in her arms.

Over the years she’s put her love of writing to good use; in addition to writing over three hundred television commercials, she earned the position as head writer for a weekly television show. She left her television career when she and her husband found out they were expecting twins, but she couldn’t leave writing altogether.

She’s now an award-winning author, writing stories of brave men and spirited women settling the American west.

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Love in Bloom Spotlight, Freebie & Giveaway: Author Laurie Lewis



Love on a Limb by Laurie Lewis 

Matthew Grayken is young, successful, and dying, which is why he’s about to propose to a total stranger. He isn’t interested in love. He needs a caregiver, a companion, and someone to be his legal voice when he can no longer speak for himself. Lonely, compassionate nurse Mikaela Compton is intrigued by Matt Grayken’s tender request, but when their friendly marriage turns into love, she rejects the inevitability of Matt’s death and prays for a miracle instead. Mikaela succeeds in reigniting Matt’s will to fight, but his body is losing the battle and he is suffering. She recognizes that her urgent need to save Matt has caused her to betray the fundamental promise she made him--to help him die peaceably. Matt needs a miracle, and Mikaela believes one is attainable, but she will need to leave him at the hour of his greatest need. She's about to learn that while love sometimes draws you close, it sometimes requires you to go out on a limb.



“All right, smarty-pants.” She leaned close to deliver what Matt assumed was another comic barrage, but as she drew near their eyes met and understanding passed between them. Understanding that, despite their efforts to make light of their situation, they were alone in a valley and the way out would require a hard, bloody crawl. He saw determination mixed with fear and pure love. It warmed him, as if the hands of her heart had reached into his chest to warm and calm his own trembling heart. Her face hovered near his, becoming almost iridescent from the emotion there. Her expression spoke a language of its own, one Matt translated before she uttered a sound.

“Your plan failed,” she whispered. “I know you already love me.”

Matt felt the skin of his face prickle as heat rose from deep within him. A sheen of sweat broke across his skin from the stop-and-go battle raging inside. He knew his face took on the same sleepy-eyed glow of unanswered want she showed. He leaned forward, closing the inches between them and whispered back. “I’m afraid you’re wrong, Mikaela. I’ve always loved you. From the first day I watched you walk through the clinic.” He closed his eyes. “But what does it get us?” He looked down at his bruised body and shook the papers about AHCC and cow shares. “Look at the fight we have ahead.”

Mikaela closed the distance and brushed her lips over his. His sensible side told him to push back, but he had no will to send her away again. His battered hands framed her face and pulled her mouth to his. He felt wholly alive for the first time in weeks, not a patient first, but filled with the thoughts and feelings of a man. Of a husband. He tried to raise his arms to wrap her close, but a sharp pain ended the effort as Mikaela pulled back an inch, her smile completely happy and her eyes joyfully bright.

“I love you, Matt.” The words were spoken in a whisper, so light and airy that they tickled his lips. “Just finally be mine. Give me these arms to hold on to. This shoulder to lay my head on. This mouth that speaks honesty to me and gives me kisses. These are enough until you’re well. Just knowing you love me is enough.”

"Not just great writing but spectacular. This is a book that I will keep in my library and cherish." 

"The characters in this book are written so well you can actually feel their emotions and can’t help getting swept away in their love story." 

 ". . . completely unforgettable, heartwarming, and joyous. Have the tissues ready." 

"This book was extremely well written and has fast become one of my favorites of all time." 



Author Laurie Lewis 

Laurie (L.C.) Lewis knows that wherever life takes her, she will always be a Marylander at heart—a weather-whining lover of crabs, American history, and the sea. She admits to being craft-challenged, particularly lethal with a glue gun, and a devotee of sappy movies. Therapists have been chasing her down to diagnose her multiple personality syndrome, since she writes under three names--historical fiction as L.C. Lewis, romance and women's fiction as Laurie Lewis, and general fiction as Laurie L.C. Lewis. Laurie was honored to win the 2017 RONE Award for Inspirational Romance. She also has been an IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree, and a New Apple Literary Medallion winner. She has twice been named a Whitney Awards finalist, and a USA Best Books Award finalist. 





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